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Vernon Lee Law Jr, 35, July 21, 2022, Wood River, Madison County

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

8/5/2022 - The search for Vernon continues. The Wood River Police Department put out this release on social media:

WRPD is still trying to locate missing person, Vernon L. Law.


On July 27th, 2022, the Wood River Police Department received notification that a male subject, identified as Vernon L. Law, was last seen on July 21st, 2022, at 2:40 p.m., by a coworker, departing Economy Boat Store, 200 S. Amoco Rd., Wood River, IL. Vernon L. Law worked as deckhand on the river boat "Kevin Michael."

He left property on the boat. His wallet and identification were not left behind. He possibly left with these items in his possession. Vernon is from Chester, Illinois, with associates in Columbia, Illinois and O’Fallon, Missouri.

Vernon L. Law was last seen wearing a blue t-shirt, blue jeans, and work boots. A check of his cellphone has been conducted. The last time his phone was active was on July 21st, 2022, at approximately 2:40 p.m., in Wood River, Illinois.

Investigators with the Wood River Police Department found video of Vernon L. Law walking southbound on Illinois Route #3 in Hartford Illinois, towards Interstate 270, on the same date, at approximately 3:00 p.m.

As of August 5th, 2022, the whereabouts of Vernon L. Law are still unknown, and he has not attempted to contact any family members or associates.

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