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Steven Wayne Butler III

Steven was a young, beautiful and talented fourteen year old boy who was simply out mowing lawns as his own little side business. A convicted sex offender, Daryl A Vandyke, also of Champaign, Illinois groomed and lured Steven to his residence, with Steven believing he was going to make money mowing his lawn. Without permission or knowledge, Vandyke picked up little Steven. Less than 12 hours later, Steven's little body would be found brutally murdered. 

No one knew about Vandyke as a sex offender. The public was never notified of Steven's disappearance. Steven was listed as 'juvenile missing'. Per his dad, he was written away as a 'runaway'. It's time for change. 


Section Title

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Changing the face of our missing children's views.

Putting KIDS FIRST means acknowledging the failures on the way we all approach a missing child's disappearance and investigation. We must stop judging our children as 'runaways' and start investigation with their homes, schools, friends and neighbors to bring them home quickly and safely.

How to Support Steven's Law

(1) click on the link here to sign the petition to support stevens law


(2) Contact any of the Politicians in office in Illinois (House of Representatives, Senators, Governor to support this Bill by sponsoring and co-sponsoring it. Make a difference for our KIDS FIRST program.

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