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Vaughn family murders, June 14, 2007, Channahon, Will County, Illinois

The Will County State Attorney, James Glasgow confirmed a grand jury indictment against Christopher D Vaughn (32 at the time) on four counts of First Degree Murder in connection to the murders of his family including his wife and three children in Channahon, Illinois.

The family resided at 711 Mansfield Court in Oswego. He was accused, charged and convicted of shooting his wife Kimberly Vaughn (34), Abigayle (12), Cassandra (11) and Blake (8) after they were found deceased inside the family's red Ford Expedition that was parked on a secluded service road near Bluff Road and Interstate 55 at approximately 5:30 a.m. that morning.

Now in 2022 efforts are underway to free him from prison after the conviction, taking under an hour to bring in the verdict back in 2012. They are asking for clemency from the Governor.

The Will County State Attorney's Office reportedly responded that Vaughn would go free 'When hell freezes over'. They proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Christopher shot his children in the head and chest at point-blank range after putting a gun under his wife's chin and pulling the trigger.

Their murders are a constant reminder that Domestic Violence exists all too often and we must all remain vigilant and attentive to the horrors that occur behind closed doors. Our hearts go out to Kimberly, Blake, Abigayle and Cassandra, their family and all those who know and love them. May their deaths never be in vain.

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