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Joyce Cluchey, 30 May 18, 2018 Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: Jun 5, 2021


Dateline reported that on May 18, 2018, Joyce told her mother she was about to get on the eastbound bus at 47th Street and Cicero Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Mom said they texted each other “I love you” just after 11:00 P.M. Joyce never came home. Yet when Joyce went missing, her story never gained traction until after she was found murdered. Joyce lived on the 5100 block of South Campbell Avenue.

Joyce wasn’t reported missing until June 5, 2018, several weeks after he disappearance. Joyce left behind a nine year old son.

Chicago Police Area Central Special Victims Unit (312) 747-8380 or the Cook County State Attorney’s Office.


The police were called initially reporting that body parts were found in the garage according to the Chicago Sun-Times. However, the “Cook County Medical Examiner’s office later said a full body was discovered.”


The next day Joyce was found, Cesar Cono-Olvera, 22, voluntarily walked in to the Wentworth District Chicago Police Station, and admitted killing Joyce. He was charged with one count of First Degree Murder. Joyce was recovered on the same block as his residence. He admitted he also tried hiding her body in concrete at his family’s garage where she was found, on the 4900 block of South Keeler on the South Side of Chicago.

He said that Joyce approached him and that he stabbed her, striking her in the head with a metal pipe in self-defense. There is no motive known. When Joyce fell to the ground, he hid her under a vehicle that wasn’t driven often. He came back to her body five days later, wrapped her body in plastic and placed her in a plastic bin, then put the bin in the back of the vehicle and poured concrete over her body. He said he tried to cover up the smell with cologne and perfume, but others began to smell “a foul odor” coming from the garage June 17, 2018.

His uncle and father who have keys to get in the garage went to investigate the smell and found the bin. They moved the plastic bag and saw a foot.

Police then got a warrant for the garage, and recovered two pipes he described that was used to kill Joyce.


Joyce had a stab wound near her neck and a fracture to her neck cartilage. Cause of death was not determined, but was ruled a homicide.


The Leighton Criminal Courthouse in Chicago.

2650 S California Ave #526, Chicago, Illinois

No bond

Arrested: 6/28/2018

NEXT DATE: 7/29/2021

Joyce leaves behind her son, mother and sister, among those that know and love her. We pray for swift justice, and some form of peace to her loved ones.

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