Ron Rauch Jr has been found deceased

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


A man identified as Dillion Steele has been arrested and charged in connection with Ron's murder. Ron's remains were partially found miles from Paris, Illinois. No details have come forward since his remains were located, until today that there is an arrest per Ron's father.


The body found in Indianola on April 2020 has now been identified as 31 year old Anthony "Tony" Rauch. His father had stated that the grandfather passed away April 3 and that his son had been missing since April 10. He said no one had seen or heard from him since late February.

We contacted the Vermillion County Sheriff's Office and the Vermillion County Coroner's Office last week believing that Anthony may be the body that was found April 10th. Today we received confirmation.

Investigation continues into his death.

His death has been listed as a homicide

Our deepest condolences to those who knew and love him.


According to WCCU, the remains NOT located were the head and torso.

'One distinctive physical feature located on the body was a small tattoo on top of the left foot by the pinky toe. The tattoo is of the number "19" with unidentifiable characters after it with a curved line underneath. There was also a dark colored belt with silver studs and a Batman head keychain without keys located near the remains.'


It has now been confirmed that the remains is that of a white male, that they were partial remains found burned and buried on private property.

A dark-colored belt with silver studs and a Batman head key chain without keys also were found near the body.

The tattoo on the foot as pictured above reads “19” with unidentifiable characters after it and a curved line underneath it located on top of the left foot near the pinky toe.


The remains of an unidentified male found in Indianola, Illinois has still not been indentified as of 5/7/2020. Above is a picture released of a tattoo on the body. Unnamed sources state that this is a tattoo on the man's foot and that the body was burned. None of these details have been confirmed.

The remains have been taken to the Illinois State Crime Lab for testing.

WCIA News reported - Police located possible human remains in a rural location in Indianola on Friday, April 10.

Investigators say they are waiting on a forensic pathologist to confirm that the remains are human and to determine any details about the case.

If you have any information on this case please contact the Vermilion County Sheriff's Office at (217) 442-4080 or the Vermilion County Sheriff's Office at (217) 554-6030

We will keep you updated on this story.

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