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Cheyann Klus, 22, December 2, 2017, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: Jan 15, 2023


It is with the heaviest heart, we must report, that Cheyann Klus, missing since December 2, 2017, has been located, and is deceased. Our deepest condolences to those who love her. Thank you to the DuPage County Sheriff's Office, Cook County Sheriff's Office all the many agencies and nonprofits who have gone great lengths to bring Cheyann home. Thank you to each of you who brought awareness to Cheyann's disappearance.

Rest in Peace Cheyann. #forever22


Cheyanne Klus has now been missing five years. While there is not a lot of information that has been publicly shared, we want to make things clear. The DuPage County Sheriff's Office still actively look into her disappearance.


The Missing Persons Awareness Network NFP 501(c)3 has put $1000 cash for information directly leading to Cheyann's location. If you have information please contact the DuPage County Sheriff's Office, and if you are not willing to speak to them, you can call us directly. Both numbers are on our poster.


Cheyann last spoke to her friend November 27, 2017 but was last confirmed to be in the Chicago residence December 2, 2017. A 911 call came in December 12, 2017 from her phone but the call was disconnected before dispatch was able to answer the call.

Cheyann Klus was only 22 years when she disappeared over the Thanksgiving weekend. Later, it was recognized that she was in fact at her boyfriends residence in Chicago on December 2, 2017 and has never been seen or heard from again. Her boyfriend was questioned, and said that he was sleeping for 18 hours, and when he woke up, she was gone. Her best friend was the last one to actually speak on the weekend of Thanksgiving, and never got a response back from her. No one did.

Two weeks later in mid December, a 911 call came from her phone, but it was disconnected before dispatch had the opportunity to answer the phone. The ping was located in a Forest Preserve in the suburbs of DuPage County about 45 minutes away from her December 2 disappearance. The area was combed thru, and nothing of Cheyann's has ever been located.

We have worked with her friends and the DuPage County Sheriff's Office who I can confirm followed every lead and every tip. Today, 3 years later, Cheyann is still nowhere to be found.

Please share. Please tag your friends. Don't forget those that are missing. She is loved and missed like all of our missing. It takes one person, one moment and one opportunity to go missing. It takes one moment, one person and one opportunity to make a call and bring them home. It starts with awareness.

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