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Wayne Charles Gann, 35, September 15, 2021, Lomax, Henderson County, Illinois

Wayne was last seen in a vacant parking lot of the Yellow Rose Saloon in Lomax, Illinois - He has really long long brown hair down to his mid back.

He has multiple tattoos including the right side of his neck, both arms, wrist, shoulder blade, legs, and ribs. On both arms he has spiders and spider webs, a piranha, a black and red punk star, a turtle on its back, words 'MY SISTERS PROTECTOR', a hanging worm, a smiley face on his left wrist, a black scorpion, a zombie unicorn on his right shoulder blade, tattoos on his knuckles, a voodoo bunny on his right calf, gears on his left calf, the word 'AMY on his right rib cage. (There are more)

If you have information or may have seen him please contact the Sheriff's Office immediately.

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