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Stuart Craigmiles, 27, June 30, 1993, Kampsville, Calhoun County,Illinois

Two Rivers Crime Stoppers has continued to post requesting information on the unsolved homicide for 27 year old Correctional Officer Stuart 'Tony' Craigmiles of the Western Illinois Correctional Center in Mount Sterling, Illinois

June 30, 1993 about 5:30 P.M.the Calhoun County sheriff's office received a call from his wife who found him dead with a gunshot wound to his head (by a shotgun). At the time they lived in Kampsville, Illinois.

Because of the remote area of his residence and the flooding that had occurred at the time of the murder, roads were closed, leaving the only route to the home was through county back roads.

His children, mother, father, sister, wife and all those who knew and love him need some peace in their lives and justice. Now is that time.

If you have any information on Stuarts death please contact the Crime Stoppers organization at (800) 300-2590 or submit a tip via their website at

You can also contact the Calhoun County Sheriff's Department at 1-618-576-9041

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