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LeAnne Taylor, 44, December 4, 2004, Rockford, Winnebago County, Illinois

LeAnne Taylor was last seen alive Thanksgiving weekend 2004. Her body was later found by IDOT workers on December 4, 2004, along Bypass 20 outside of Rockford, Illinois. A group of individuals familiar to Taylor have been identified. Some may be responsible for her death, or may have knowledge of her murder. Not all these individuals are associated with each other. The Illinois State Police is looking for people who knew Taylor and may have provided information in the past, but now have more to offer. Additionally, any individuals who did not come forward at the time of her death, but have information to offer, are encouraged to come forward now and speak with investigators.

Agents with the Illinois State Police, Zone 2 Investigations may be contacted at 815-632-4010, ext. 232.

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