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Pamela Sue Zimmerman, 53 November 4, 2014 Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Scott Baldwin was the fiancé who called a neighbor to ask about Pamela Zimmerman, 53 as he stated he was unable to get a hold of her by phone. The neighbor, Julie Koh went to Pam’s office  at 2103 E. Washington St. in Bloomington where she was found murdered. The lights in the office were off, the blinds were closed and Pam was lying on the floor behind the receptionist desk. She was a certified public accountant and financial planner.

Pam was shot four times including the torso, arm and head. Reports show the killer may have spent time at the crime scene after the murder, picking up the shell casings and missing one later found by police. Police determined the pistol used was a 9mm but never recovered it. Prosecutors were unable to prove Kirk ever had a gun or purchased one.  There were no signs of forced entry. Her wallet and phone with other items belonging to Pam were recovered several blocks away, possibly thrown from a vehicle.

July 22, 2015 her ex-husband Kirk Zimmerman was arrested and charged with Pam’s murder. Prosecutor’s believed the motive was financial. The Zimmerman’s divorced in 2012. Kirk pleaded not guilty and did not agree to any plea deals. Kirk faced 45 years in prison if found guilty.

The trial began April 8, 2019 and on May 6, 2019 Kirk Zimmerman was found “not guilty” on all charges. It took seven hours within a two day period for the jury to conclude his innocence.

WGLT reported the defense statements  claiming  that “police had tunnel vision for Zimmerman and never fully investigated alternate suspects, including Pamela’s then-fiancé and the last client she saw the day she died. The gun that killed Pamela has never been found.”

The Herald & Review reported on the last client Pam had the day she was murdered, and her fiancé’s statements in the courtroom. “Eldon Whitlow, who was the victim’s final client at her financial services business, and her fiancé Scott Baldwin testified at the murder trial of Kirk Zimmerman, the victim’s ex-husband. Whitlow told the jury he left Zimmerman’s office around 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 3, 2014, after an hourlong meeting. He met with Bloomington police, who later seized his 9 mm handgun, the same type of weapon used in the shooting. An examination of the gun showed it was not used to fire the rounds that killed Zimmerman.

Pam’s fiancé called the neighbor when he couldn’t get a hold of her. That alone is a strange tactic when someone doesn’t answer your phone call. He said “he became increasingly concerned Nov. 3 when his fiancée did not respond to several text messages. "It was out of character for us not to talk or to text," Baldwin told the jury. The next morning, Baldwin called Pam Zimmerman's neighbor and close friend”. He “initially denied having a sexual relationship with another woman during the three months he was dating Zimmerman. He and Pam Zimmerman became engaged two days before she was killed.

During his cross-examination by defense lawyer John Rogers, Baldwin acknowledged that text messages he exchanged with the second woman contained descriptions of sexual contact. Rogers also elicited admissions from Baldwin about several other women he had met through an online dating service.

In his questioning of Whitlow and Baldwin, Rogers pointed out that both men were alone for periods of time during the early evening hours of Nov. 3 when authorities estimate Pam Zimmerman was killed.”

The case now remains unsolved. At least one killer is on the loose. It is unknown if law enforcement continue their investigation in Pam’s death.

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