Mariah Edwards, 17, Kimika Coleman, 18, Kiara Windom, 18 - Cook County, Illinois

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Kiara Windom, 18, Harvey, Illinois

Kimika Coleman 18, Chicago, Illinois

Mariah Edwards 17, Blue Island, Illinois


Sonny Pierce was questioned in the death of his girlfriend’s toddler, but never charged. Seventeen month old Jordan Woods died by choking. Pierce told police that the toddler was reaching for him and he ignored Jordan thinking he just wanted attention. Pierce’s mother said Jordan passed out after suffering from high blood sugar linked to a diabetic condition. The night he died she said she heard loud noises in Pierce’s apartment and found him trying to resuscitate Jordan.

Jordan had previously suffered a broken leg but Pierce reported his leg got caught in a playpen. Pierce’s mother said Jordan also had his leg mauled by a dog. An autopsy found that the cause and manner of death were both inconclusive. Moreover, a worker at the ME’s office said she couldn’t find record of Jordan’s case. DCFS reported there was ‘credible evidence against Pierce’ of death by neglect. No charges were filed.

Two months later 17 year old Mariah Edwards vanished.

An unnamed fifteen year old girl was lured in to her car, dragged in to his house, was choked until she passed out, and raped. Sonny Pierce was arrested for these allegations, and subsequently charged with three counts of First Degree Murder for three other young ladies, two of which have been found murdered, and one still missing. In 2015 this young lady admitted she lied to her parents so she could go to a party, and Pierce was there. She said everyone smoked pot including herself. He assaulted her in the bathroom barged in and touching her breasts. Two hours later he raped her again. When she tried screaming a wrapped a towel around her mouth and told her if she told anyone he would kill her. This was at her fourteenth birthday party.

She reported the attack to police which brought the following three girls disappearances to be investigated.


Kimika Coleman, eighteen at the time, and Kiara Windom also eighteen were lured when they met Sonny Pierce on social media chat lines, met Pierce, and then raped and murdered in 2009 just weeks apart from each other. Both of their lifeless bodies were found in different allies of Blue Island, Illinois, where a third young woman, Mariah Edwards of Blue Island would also be murdered, allegedly by Pierce.

Phone records and DNA evidence show that Pierce had twenty calls between him with Kiara the night before her body was found.

When law enforcement took his computer, they found a video of Pierce having sex with Mariah Edwards, after her death. Law enforcement believes that he had already murdered her while this gruesome video was being taped. Pierce admitted to raping Mariah “in front of other men then beat her until she was dead”. Pierce, however, refuses to say where he put her. Mariah is still missing and has been added to the NAMUS database, a National Missing Persons Database for the Missing and the Unidentified across the Nation.

Pierce, while allegedly admitting to part of his crimes, stated that he is Innocent, and that he is only guilty of “having consensual sex with too many women” saying sex is not murder. His mother agrees, publicly stating that she believes Pierce is innocent because he said so. “No way did he kill one person let alone several”.

He has been in the Cook County Jail since the arrest for the assault on the fifteen year old, August 27, 2010, but has successfully delayed this court case and the other three counts of First Degree Murder by jumping in and out of the mental health facilities causing years of court delays, and endless trauma to these families. Finally, in 2015 he was deemed competent to stand trial in 2015.

Since then however, the Cook County justice system continues to allow the families to be tortured with the silence in the court room and dragging these cases out for over 10 years. Because of this, today’s Chicago community is unaware that this alleged serial killer even exists, and the silence in the case has allowed these young girls names to almost be forgotten. While the Cook County State Attorney’s office claimed they believe he has killed or assaulted others, and wanted these possible victims to come forward, yet there has been no media on these cases since 2011. There’s simply been no movement since his arrest in 2010.

Mariah Edwards was last seen 9/28/2010. Pierce told police that he invited her to his house and raped her in front of other men and her with these other men until she was dead. She lived in an apartment complex across the street from his.

Some that know Sonny Pierce do not believe he could do something like this and is innocent.

This jack-hat finally goes back to court once again on April 22, 2020 at 16501 Kedzie Ave, Markham, IL.

One can only pray this guy never gets out. There hasn’t been a news report on any of these cases in years and the silence has hit an all time high. One would think there would be more knowledge, awareness and voices for these young women. Praying for justice and praying that Mariah Edwards will be found.


Next Court Date for Sonny Pierce is August 19, 2021 at the Markham Court House for Cook County, Illinois

Information accumulated by:

The Chicago Tribune



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