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Lisa Ann Carnes, 26 March 30, 1984 Karnak, Pulaski County, Illinois

Lisa Carnes was reported missing March 29, 1984 about midnight. It was never stated what happened the day she vanished, other than her leaving her two young children at home with her mother. Lisa lived in Stumptown, a part of Karnak, with her husband Earnest “Little Beaver”. She was the daughter of General Hill of Grand Chain and Margaret Hill of Karnak and a 1976 graduate of Century High School. The next afternoon, Lisa’s naked body was found near Macedonia Church Road and U.S. 45, near Mermet Lake. Lisa’s pickup truck was found parked about thirty yards from the intersection of U.S. 45 and Illinois 169, about four miles away from where Lisa’s body was found. According to the 1984 article, the truck was not out of gas and there were no signs of mechanical problems.

Lisa’s clothes were found between the pickup truck and County Road 1150 along the west side of U.S. 45. A substantial amount of blood was found on the back porch in an uninhabited home on the Louie Sielbeck farm. About 3:15 P.M. her body was found a quarter mile away. A man named Ralph Kruger found her when checking on his land across the road. Her body showed minor bruises which may have been caused by falls while running away from her attacker. The autopsy showed Lisa died with a bullet entering her back striking her lung then exiting through her upper chest. The bullet came from a small caliber pistol.

Police then believed she ran toward the uninhabited home for safety, running away from the attacker and continued running when she realized no one was there. It is believed she then continued to run across the field toward a light in the distance. Lisa’s body was found in an open field.

If you have any information about Lisa’s murder please do the right thing and contact the Illinois State Police, Zone 7 Investigations at (618) 845-3740

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