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Dillon Harley Scott, 20 February 27, 2016 DePue Bureau County, Illinois

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Our investigation on Dillon's case is listed below the poster

Dillon’s family and friends asked me to come out to look in to Dillon Harley Scott’s disappearance in Bureau County, Illinois. Dillon was twenty years old when he vanished. The people that were close to Dillon the night he disappeared, has gone silent and moved on. Law enforcement believes Dillon is alive and well, stating there is ‘no evidence of any foul play’ and they have reason to believe he is alive. His family says there is no doubt in their mind Dillon was taken and murdered.

What happened to Dillon Harley Scott?

Dillon purchased a trailer in a trailer park on 60 Rte 3 Rte 29 in DePue, Bureau County, Illinois with his money. It wasn’t anything fancy, but he was proud of what he had. As many of us he had a hard life and made many mistakes to add to it. He had just gotten himself out of trouble, married a girl and helped take care of her kids. Dillon had no children of his own.

After some time he had troubles with his cheating wife and began the paperwork for a divorce with the help of his family.

His closest friend unfortunately was his wife’s ex-husband whom she also had a child with prior to Dillon. With his best friend in and out of trouble it seemed impossible that Dillon would ever be able to completely be free of trouble. Moreover, this friend was also living in Dillon’s trailer with him and his wife, who were high school sweethearts and had been together for many years.

I interviewed several people while I was out there and over the phone, all who stated they knew she was cheating on him with several other men and it took Dillon all too long to finally call it quits. They said Dillon believed in marriage and all he wanted in life to be a dad and a husband. That never came to be.

The last day known that Dillon was alive, he seemed to be upset and bothered with his marriage and his ‘best friend’. He had a fight with his wife and spent the day with his ‘best friend’. He seemed sober and had a few beers and visited family. Dillon, his wife and his best friend had their own vehicles. Dillon’s brother lived just doors down from him with his long time girlfriend and their children.



The wife and her friend spent the day together. His wife went over to her friends house as she wanted to do laundry there. A witness reported that his wife was contacting Dillon on the phone wanting to know where he was. Dillon was with his ‘best friend’ as they cruised many towns and several counties together. They boys were ditching the girls.

When the girls found out the boys had gone to Streator, Illinois about 8:00 P.M. they headed out there.

The boys had gone to Dillon’s dad’s house. The family believes this visit was between 9:30 P.M. and 10:30 P.M. Dillon spoke to his father and questioned his actions. He asked his dad if he should leave his wife and said he believed his best friend was using him and having an affair with Dillon’s wife. The friend in the meantime was offering Xanax pills to Dillon’s dad and stepmom saying he stole them from his own grandmother.

The family remembers Dillon wearing a jacket that was nylon and zip up with dark stripes down. He was wearing white Puma gym shoes.

The family insists that while Dillon may have had a couple beers, he seemed sober and alert. The girls rolled up in the wife’s vehicle. The boys got back in to the best friends truck and left. Dillon’s car was back at home. No one thought this would be the last time they would ever see Dillon again.

The next account is the boys and the girls all at the Casey’s General Store in Streator, Illinois. Apparently there is a video that shows the boys at the gas station. The wife’s friend said they needed cigarettes. The video reportedly shows the wife approaching Dillon and slapping him across the face. She allegedly gets back in the vehicle and the girls drove away.

At this point the boys intentionally ditched the girls. The ‘friend’ drove around the girls (with the wife driving) and took off. The girls lost them and reportedly drove back to the trailer to wait for them.

One of the family members reported that the girls went to the brothers trailer looking for the boys but they had still not been seen or heard from.

The boys reported that one of the friends tires blew on his truck. They called Dillon’s mother who in turn called the wife. The wife went by herself to pick the boys up at the Steak & Shake in Peru, Illinois. The wife picks them up and brings them back to the trailer park. The boys went to Dillon’s brother’s trailer and asked to borrow their tire. It so happened that Dillon’s brother had the exact make and model truck that the friend had, so they took one of the tires off and left the brother’s truck up on a cement block. Reportedly, the wife did not want to take the boys back to Steak and Shake to fix the tire, so the boys took Dillon’s vehicle. It is unknown at this point who was driving Dillon’s vehicle. This was the last time his brother and his family ever saw Dillon again.

A witness reported that they saw both of the boys in a pick up truck with a blown tire. They saw a female pull up in a red car similar to the wife’s car. The boys got in the pick up truck and left. When the boys returned the witness reported they saw two vehicles pull up (Dillon’s vehicle and the wife’s red car). The tire was replaced and they now all drove their own vehicles and drove away.


At this point the girls have not heard from the boys and according to my source the girls waited inside Dillon’s trailer for them. The wife told her friend that she was going to go get cigarettes and when she leaves the house she is gone for a good forty-five minutes.

When the wife returned to the trailer she seemed upset and crying stating that she saw Dillon’s vehicle crashed in to a guard rail about a mile down the road (on the same road). She told the witness that she kept driving, she didn’t see the best friend, Dillon or his friend's vehicle but there were police presence and she left because she didn’t want to get in trouble.

The best friend and his truck was nowhere to be found.

The wife contacts Dillon’s mother and tells her about the one car accident.

Dillon’s car was in a one car accident with his Cadillac. It was found westbound along a left curve with a guard rail only for the westbound traffic. The vehicle took out a large portion of the guard rail found on the road. The vehicle rested in the grassy area close to a tree. The driver’s door was reported to be opened. No one was in the car. Dillon was nowhere to be found. It is unknown who was driving the vehicle or what really happened.

Or if he was in the car at all.


Back at the trailer the witness said they saw the police driving thru the trailer park with their side light on looking throughout the trailer park for something. A minute or so after the police left, the ‘best friend’ walked up to the trailer by himself on foot. He told the girls that he saw Dillon drive in to the guard rail. He reversed his truck to pick Dillon up, he said he saw the drivers door opened but Dillon was gone. He drove forward another one to two miles and ditched his truck deep in to a large patch of trees by a cornfield. He said he left it there and walked back home. The witness noticed he was full of mud including his boots.

The police were out looking for him. They knew there was a second vehicle, and clearly they knew who was driving that vehicle which is why they went in the trailer park looking.


Dillon’s family states that at the accident sight, the driver’s door was opened. The air bag was not deployed. There was no blood in the car. Dillon’s dad saw the drivers seat pulled all the way up. Dillon stands over six feet tall and they believe it was not possible for Dillon to have driven the vehicle with the seat pulled up that way.

Later, Dillon’s family went to the impound to see the vehicle. The family said that only the plastic was damaged mostly to the front of the car. The radiator was also not damaged.

The guard railing was completely ripped off the rail.


A person called the police to say that two dark vehicles were driving at high speeds on the same road in Spring Valley, just a short distance east of where the car was located. Police went looking for the second vehicle.


The family and the police went to Dillon’s trailer very early about dawn to get more information.

Dillon’s brother allegedly banged on the trailer while Dillon’s wife and his best friend were in it, but they would not answer the door. The brother broke in to the trailer and asked what happened to his brother. The witness and family all report that the best friend continuously said he’s in the water and they’ll never see it again. It is unclear if he meant Dillon himself, or some kind of object.

Dillon’s mother states that she saw the house in complete mess and the wife was packing up clothes like she was moving. She noticed a bag of clothes that were muddy and realized this was the clothes the friend wore when Dillon disappeared.

Dillon’s family reported seeing the friend putting on Dillon’s gym shoes, the white Pumas they saw Dillon wearing at their house the night before.

The friend allegedly told the family that he and Dillon were just driving around chasing each other and speeding when Dillon lost control of the vehicle and slammed in to the guard rail. When he finally got to Dillon’s vehicle the driver’s door was open and Dillon was gone. He said he never saw Dillon again.


A man was seen by himself attempting to walk up to a house in Echo bluff about 1/8 to a ¼ mile from the accident site, possibly looking to use the phone. The house owners were a young couple and spoke to Dillon’s family. They stated that a man shorter than Dillon was walking up to their house, up the driveway, and the dogs began to bark which may have been what cause the man to leave right away, before the couple could open the door. The family does not believe this was Dillon, as Dillon stood between 6’ – 6’2 and this couple believed the man who was walking up to their residence was shorter.

Just hours after the accident, Dillon’s family assembled, parked over by the accident and trolled across the very small area called Echo Bluff. It is a two very short roads with approximately 5 houses on it. This is where police believe Dillon went about thirty minutes after the accident to use a phone. The family cleared these areas, spoke to neighbors and canvassed the forest areas and trails surrounding these homes.

The family believes the friend's truck was found about noon the next day, underneath a large cluster of trees by a cornfield about 1-2 miles west of the trailer park on Route 29. The police located his vehicle. They went to the trailer park and arrested the friend at Dillon’s trailer.

The friend was allegedly held in jail for traffic violations like driving on a suspended, no insurance, etc. His family reported that when the friend got out of jail about thirty days later, they picked him up and he was still wearing those white Pumas on his feet. The witness that was in the trailer that morning and Dillon’s mother do not remember what shoes the best friend was wearing that morning.


After what family members say at least dozens of times of walking across the same intersection of Echo Bluff off Route 29 to get back and forth to their vehicles during their searches for Dillon, they visibly see Dillon’s hoodie zip up sweatshirt and an envelope containing Dillon’s trailer title inside of it. This again is in February. Winter. This was Dillon’s only jacket. That was Dillon’s prized title that was always in his wallet, until now. Without the wallet.


It is unsure if Dillon was even the person driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. No one has come forward to confirm anyone seen driving his vehicle, other than the friend.


A man married in to Dillon’s family stepped up to work with the family, police, and the wife. According to reports by friends and family, he would take Dillon’s wife everywhere, even though she had a car. He was the one speaking with the police. He coordinated and lead the searches. He even created the poster.

About a month later, this guy took Dillon’s while who left her kids behind with her mother and they both moved to Kentucky where they got married and had two more children together. After he left his wife and children that is. This guy was married in to the family. This guy was married to Dillon’s female cousin. He left his marriage and children and made his new life with Dillon’s wife leaving all the kids behind.

They have since separated.


It is unclear on where the following items are.

1. The only jacket Dillon had on was found in a field across the way from the accident.

2. The title to his trailer that was always in his wallet was found with the jacket in the field. The wallet was not recovered with it.

3. The wallet seems to be missing though it is possible the wallet was located. The police have not confirmed if the wallet is still missing.

4. If true, the shoes Dillon was wearing were located.


The reason Dillon went to prison is for stealing scrap medal out of someone’s yard. The ‘best friend’ was with him and also got charged, but didn’t get time behind bars. Dillon was sentenced to a year. He was out by September 2015.

CASE# 2014CF000483 12/3/2014 – 2/27/2015

The theft occurred 11/9/2014 (Dillon was 18). He initially plead guilty but later agreed to a plea deal that included restitution, prison and parole. He got one year minus time served. He was out less than 7 months later.

Dillon had a warrant three days before his disappearance, though it had not gone through the system. Dillon was unaware of a warrant or that one was coming.

Because of Dillon’s disappearance, he had violated his parole by not meeting with his probation requirements, which was meeting with the probation officer and updating his residency. So even though there’s an official missing person’s report, the state moved on with a parole violation.

None of this was a reason to disappear by choice.


Assistant Chief Deputy Brett Taylor stated to me that “there is no evidence of foul play”. There may be thoughts out there, but nothing fully warrants a realistic belief that Dillon is deceased. Dillon can be anywhere living it up.

I emailed an official Freedom of Information Act request to the Sheriff’s office when I got back to the office. The Office called me and told me that the case file was fairly large, told me that I may have to pay a fee which of course I said was fine. She said she had to speak to the Sheriff about redaction and would call me back to let me know when it would be done.

The next day I was denied my request altogether saying it was still being investigated. Of course, I have since sent this dispute to the Attorney General’s office for review. This is not my first rodeo. Citizens should know the law and their rights. I’ll be updating this case as all cases with updates. This battle could take a week or over a year.


Dillon received social security checks monthly and that was never picked up. Why wouldn’t he pick up the only form of income he has if he was alive?

If you have any information on Dillon’s whereabouts, information on the accident that occurred the night he disappeared, or information on Dillon’s disappearance, please contact the Bureau County Sheriff’s Office at (816) 875-3344, Case Number 16-01134


His ‘best friend’ has since continued with his troubles. I recently found out that he allegedly pistol whipped his girlfriend busting out her teeth. A warrant has been issued for his arrest and he knows it. He’s been hiding out at people’s houses for short periods of time then jumps to the next place. Since I have not seen the official charge yet I won’t post his name. Everyone is innocent till proven guilty.

I attempted to contact the ‘best friend and he gave me a line of crap saying he was Dillon’s best friend, then ended the conversation with me, by telling me that I was upsetting him. If you were his best friend then why wouldn’t you want to talk about him if you want him found?

I also attempted to contact his wife to no avail. Yes, she is still married to Dillon. You can’t have a divorce or marry someone else until you get divorced from your current marriage. When someone is missing they cannot be declared deceased for seven years.

The family continues to suffer in torment not knowing what happened to Dillon or where he is. One message I got across the board from everyone I spoke to. Dillon would never ever stop talking to his mother, yet no one has seen or heard from him since.

I pray for the family and those who truly love Dillon. My hopes is that someone comes forward and tells the family or the police (or me for that matter) where Dillon is and what happened. Everyone deserves peace in their life. If law enforcement is correct and he is alive, then as an adult he has the right like everyone else to walk away from their life. They an easily call the police and say I’m ok and I don’t want to be found (even if you have a warrant). If he is not alive, then it’s clear that it was no accident. Someone needs to come forward to give his family a form of peace.

Unfortunately there is no evidence to the witness accounts told to me. With a dozen people talking and a few silenced, along with the case file unavailable (for now), it is unknown what really happened. All sides of the story are unknown. For now, I simply hope someone finally comes forward and sheds new light on Dillon's disappearance.

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