Denita Hedden, 37, January 25, 2018, Royal Lakes, Macoupin County, Illinois

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Denita Hedden was with her felon boyfriend/fiancé whom she lived with at the time in Royal Lakes. It was her birthday and they had gone to the Casino in Missouri. They were heading back to their area in Royal Lakes so that Denita could spend time with her children & family. She called them to let them know she was headed to them, when the children reported than an argument in the vehicle ensued between her & the fiancé, and the phone disconnected.

Denita's voice has never been heard again. Denita has never been seen again. It would take four days for the fiancé to report her missing after multiple times of Denita's husband, children and family to ask questions and go to the residence.

The St Louis Major Case Squad swept the area with hundreds of Search & Rescue personnel and law enforcement in search of Denita. Where did they look? Through the distance of that very drive from the St Charles, Missouri Casino to the residence where she lived with her fiancé.

Early on in the investigation the Detectives came to her husband, children and family, and told them they believed Denita was deceased, and murdered. They have not reported why they believe this, but they did say that their investigation pointed to a homicide.

My team & I among dozens & dozens of teams, neighbors, community members, search and rescue personnel, military & former military members along with dive teams, certified dog teams & others came together multiple times (among other searches I did not create) to search the areas known, with no results.

Her family doesn't give up. We do not give up. The State Attorney's Office has never lifted a finger for Denita's case. She reported that she was 'reviewing the case' and it would take her 8 months to do that to see if there was a warrant for prosecution. Thankfully she is leaving the Office, and we are all hoping the new State's Attorney will do more for that community and Denita's family than it's history.

Today, *Winter of 2020* almost 3 years in, nothing of Denita's belongings or remains have been located. The family is left devastated & empty with no answers, and no place of rest.

Let us not give up, give in or stay silent. #DenitaStrong

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