Chaunti N Bryla, 43, March 14, 2019, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: May 27, 2020

The Defendant, Marvin Bailey is the half-brother of Chaunti's son. Chaunti had a child with the Marvin Bailey's father.

Marvin was paroled from an Illinois prison to Chaunti's address. He was living at Chaunti's house in February 2019. Marvin's girlfriend got in to an argument with Chaunti, which caused Chaunti to want Marvin moved out.

3/14/2019, Chaunti's aunt dropped her off outside the apartment about 7:30 A.M. Chaunti stayed at her aunt's house the night before.

3/15/2019, a cab drive picked up Chaunti from her home and drove her to a liquor store at 8700 S Commercial in Chicago. She purchased a bottle of alcohol with her credit card at 12:25 P.M. and he drove her then back to her house and watched her walk back in to the apartment building. A video shows Marvin meeting up with an unnamed witness at the McDonald's on 79th and Yates. The then left together. Later than night, another video shows Marvin using Chaunti's ATM card about 11:02 P.. at 2401 E 79th Street, with two transactions of $102 each withdrawn by him on her ATM card. This was the same card Chaunti used earlier that day.

3/16/2019 at 12:19 A.M. Marvin took an Uber ride from 14 W 95th Street, to 8528 S Bennett, Chaunti's home. Later that same day, the same unnamed witness met back with Marvin at the same McDonalds at 11:13 .M. Marvin and the unnamed witness took another Uber to the Walmart on 831=31 S Stewart. Another video shows them purchasing bungee cords and ties at 11:27 A.M. Lyft records show Marvin ordered this ride at 1:45 P.M. from Chaunti's home. Marvin and the witness carried a large and heavy blue bin out of Chaunti's apartment. It took both of them to carry the bin. The bin had small wheels on one end of it. The witness indicated that they both removed the large bin from the inside of the apartment. About 3:53 P.M. the same day, another video shows the witness at the Home Depot at 200 W 87th Street. The witness was seen buying a dolly. At 6:23 P.M. another video shows them both returning to Walmart purchasing more tie down straps. At 7PM they are both seen on video at 3075 E Cheltenham, an apartment building mostly vacant arriving in Marvin's green van. The witness got out of the van and walked the empty dolly along the side of the building to a dumpster area. Marvin drove away in his van. Marvin is seen on video on foot meeting up with the witness at 7:26 P.M. The video shows Marvin and the witness dragging the dolly with a large, heavy object on it, the same size and shape as the large bin. Witness told police that it was the same bin. They both then appear to be clearly struggling with the weight of the bin. Another witness residing at 3075 E Cheltenham and was acting as a caretaker for the building and saw the dolly in the hallway of the building, and saw Marvin and the witness also in the same hallway. The acting caretaker for the building asked what they were doing, and saw them both walking with the dolly and the bin on the dolly. The caretaker identified both Marvin and the witness.

March 17, 2019 at 2:39 A.M. Marvin was seen again on video at the Dunkin Donuts at 1231 S Wabash. Marvin used Chaunti's ATM card there and made two more withdraws for $202.50 each. Marvin stayed at the Dunkin Donuts until 3:41 A.M. Just after 10:00 A.M. the police moved on a traffic stop to Marvin's van at 7700 S Coles. Marvin and the witness were detained. Police were told that they were on their way to Home Depot to get a chain saw and body cam video recorded this conversation. They were both released without citations and without the van being searched. The body cam showed the clothes they were both wearing which was the same as other videos. At 1:06 PM later that same day, video showed Marvin using Chaunti's ATM card twice at the Days Inn at 128th and Ashland. He withdrew $203 and the second transaction was $303. At 1:47 P.M. Marvin checked in to the King's Inn at 12808 S Ashland. A Manager at the King's Inn identified Marvin as the person who checked in to the hotel. She maintained a copy of Marvin's Drivers License and a receipt. Marvin was told that the elevator was not working. At 7:47 P.M. a Lyft driver picked Marvin and the witness up at 3075 E Cheltenham Place and drove them both to the King's Inn. Marvin and the witness had a dolly and the large bin. The manager guess the bin weighed over 100 lbs. Marvin told the Manager he was evicted and had to take everything including his meats. At 8:10 P.M. Marvin and the witness were seen unloading the dolly and the blue bin from the Lyft driver's SUV. The elevator was still out of order. The manager watched them drag the dolly with the blue bin up three flights of stairs. The weight caused the both to have to drag it.

3/18/2019 about 3:59 P.M. Marvin is on video again at the Days in at 128th & Ashland in the gaming area using Chaunti's ATM again, this time withdrawing $83. He stayed there until 4:46 P.M.

3/19/2019 about 8:35 P.M. Marvin is on video walking thru the parking lot of Advance Auto at 12826 S Ashland through the alley toward the dumpsters, then back toward the hotel. He was not carrying anything except his cell phone.

3/20/2019 Marvin was back on video about 4:13 A.M. walking in the alley behind the same Advance Auto pulling the blue bin on the dolly. Marvin was then seen on video in the front of the outside of Advance Auto building walking toward the King's Inn with the empty dolly. He did not have the large blue bin at this time. About 9:07 A.M. Chaunti's aunt reported her missing. The manager knocked on Marvin's hotel room door about 11:30 A.M. because he had not yet checked out. Marvin opened the hotel room a crack. The manager smelled an odor coming from inside the room, unlike the normal smells in the hotel. She described it as a cleaner or air freshener type fragrance. The manager knew the smell did not come from the hotel's cleaning products because she is the one that orders those supplies. At 12:36 P.M. an Uber drive picked Marvin up from the King's Inn and drove him to 112th and Michigan. About 9:02 P.M. Marvin went to a Sub and Gyro shop at 2451 W 63rd Street in another attempt to use Chaunti's ATM card but came up with insufficient funds.

3/22/2019 an employee at the Rent a Center that shares the alley with the Kings Inn and the Days Inn took the trash to the regular dumpster and noticed a large blue bin near the dumpster.

3/25/2019 the same Rent a Center employee took the trash out again and noticed the dumpster that was only for flattened cardbor was unchained. He looked inside the dumpster and noticed a large black bag upside down that was visibly weighing down all of the cardboard boxes. He also noticed at the time that the large blue bin was in the alley towards Kings Inn.

3/29/2019 The police recovered the large blue bin which was in the alley near the dumpster.

4/8/2019 Marvin's green van was recovered and processed.

4/9/2019 Marvin's hotel room at the King's Inn was processed. Police took DNA samples from Chaunti's tooth brush from her apartment, which was a positive match to the DNA found inside the large blue bin. Chicago PD brought in a cadaver dog to the alley behind the Rent a Center and hit at the location where the large bin was recovered, indicating the presence of the odor of human remains. The dog also hit in Marvin's hotel room, and on the large bin itself which was located at Forensic Services.

Cell phone records show Marvin's phone was in the areas where the video surveillance captured him within the dates of 3/14/2019 - 3/20/2019. Chicago Police Crime Lab personnel tested Chaunti's apartment, Marvin's green van and his room at the King's Inn with Blue Star testing reagent (luminol). the front bedroom, bathroom, the floor outside of the bathroom and the kitchen floor of Chaunti's home showed positive reaction for human blood component. A penny on the floor of Marvin's van also resulted in a positive reaction for human blood component. The bathroom floor, wall and carpet of Marvin's hotel room also resulted in a positive reaction for human blood component.

Lyft & Uber records corroborated video and witness statements. The black back in the dumpster was never recovered. Police searched the land fill in Indiana that the dumpster was emptied in to with negative results.

11/25/2019 Marvin was arrested. Marvin made no admission to his involvement of Chaunti's disappearance. He did not explain what was in the large bin. Chaunti has not been recovered. No one in her family has heard from Chaunti since she was dropped off 3/14/2019. There is no cell phone activity since, and her phone was recovered from her residence by police. There has been no bank or credit card activity since 3/15/2019.

Marvin Baily was previously charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon on 4/19/2017. He hit his girlfriend with a hammer and set her on fire. For that he served 8 years and was out on parole at the time of Chaunti's disappearance.

He was charged for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery and CDTP January 6, 2011 and served 364 days in jail.

He was charged with Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon: Armed Robbery 9/28/2005 and served 5 years in prison.

He had a Misdemeanor Theft 7/18/2003 and served 7 days in jail.

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