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Alexa Baute, April 7, 2020, Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois

Alexa Baute, 27 years of age stood outside of a 7-Eleven on the 2900 block of West Fullerton Avenue in Logan Square waiting like everyone else, at a distance. With the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines in stores, everyone waited there turn to enter. Alexa was waiting to buy some items just after 8:00 P.M. April 7, 2020 with a friend. One of her friends walked away to lock up his bike and when he returned he saw her on the ground, slumped over with her mouth full of blood. No one heard the shot.

Alexa had a gunshot wound to her chest. She was rushed to Illinois Masonic Hospital in critical condition and was pronounced dead at 8:45 P.M.

Her family has posted a $8,000 reward for any information on the gunman. It is unknown if Alexa was the target. She lived on the 2400 block of North Richmond Street and just returned from spending time with her family in the suburbs.

Friends of Alexa's created a fundraiser to cover the costs of the following (in their words):

Application of proceeds - 1st) Provide therapy for those involved; 2nd) any money left over would go towards a memorial in Alexa's name. Depending how much money we raise we will discuss with her parents how best to donate it in her memory to celebrate her life. 

That fundraiser received almost $10,000 in donations.

Her dad's statement was heart-wrenching:

"They said she arrived at the ER with no pulse, and there was nothing they could do," Patricia Baute said. "We couldn’t touch her because it was under investigation, which is probably the worst part, because I just wanted to touch her."

We hope that justice will be served for Alexa and her family.

Information accumulated thru:

Facebook posts

Block Club Chicago

NBC Chicago

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