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Shantieya Smith & Sadaria Davis - 2018 Serial Killer, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Updated: Nov 26, 2022


Sadaria Davis was only 15 years old when she disappeared on April 27, 2018, last seen with an adult 22 year old male. She was found weeks later on May 11, 2018 in an abandoned apartment.

Shantieya Smith disappeared from home after leaving with a man on May 25, 2018. was found dead June 7, 2018 in an abandoned garage on the 1800 block of South Central Park Avenue. Her mother launched several text messages to him only to have threatening text messages returned.

Sadaria and Shantieya were both last seen with a young man named Charlie Booker, 22 who at the time was out on bond. In addition to possibly being linked to Shantieya and Sadaria’s murders, and other cases.


Charlie Booker is also suspected of allegedly stabbing a woman on the 4500 block of West Harrison Street in West Garfield Park on July 15, 2018. She was taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center in critical condition. He was charged with attempted murder.

On July 18, 2018, Charlie Booker is also suspected of sexually assaulting, then shooting a woman three times, then stealing the victim’s car.

Charlie Booker was caught speeding by the Illinois State Police in a stolen vehicle from Memphis, Tennessee on the Interstate 57. He was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle, obstructing identification and driving n a suspended license.


Shantieya Smith’s mother, Latonya Moore has since moved over one hundred miles away. She reported that the police do not contact her or return her calls. While this is what I call normal Chicago PD behavior, it shouldn’t be ok. Shantieya left behind a young child.

To date, there have been no charges against Booker (or any other suspect) for Sadaria or Shantieya’s brutal murders. Police have said that Booker is a person of interest. Thanks for clarifying CPD.

I remember watching these girls going missing over the summer one after the other, all with the same physical description and I was horrified to the point I began making phone calls and alerting officials in Chicago, to no avail. While other organizations in Chicago agreed, those that could make a difference shifted.


Then Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson referenced these disappearances as ‘not linked’ stating that some of these girls led a ‘high-risk lifestyle’ that puts them in danger, while using the word ‘prostitutes’ also in his statement. Knowing today that these girls were found brutally murdered, makes me wonder if he ever felt the leather shoe in his mouth. He may have apologized, but that went unnoticed. Some bells can never be ‘unrung’. Every life matters Mr. Johnson, even yours.


Charlie Booker was arrested on July 26, 2018.

His next court date is June 28, 2021 at the Criminal Courts Building

Information collected by:

NBC Chicago

WGN 9 Chicago


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