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Pamela Maurer, 16, January 12, 1976, Downers Grove, DuPage County

On January 12, 1976, Pamela, just 16 years of age and a student at Downers Grove South High School, left a friends house to get a soft drink, and was never seen alive again. The following day, her body would be found by a road crew off College Road in Lisle, Illinois.

Pamela was strangled, sexually assaulted and murdered.

DNA was recovered and preserved, but technology would get Investigators nowhere until 2001 when DNA profile of her killer was found, but not identified. In 2019, new technology assisted in a composite of the killer. In 2020, a man by the name of Bruce Lindahl of Aurora, Illinois was named by the DuPage County State Attorney's Office, who was 23 at the time if Pamela's murder. However, in 1981, in the stabbing murder of 18 year old Charles Huber of Naperville, Lindahl died of self-inflicted injuries. The State Attorney's Office had Lindahl's body exhumed for DNA comparison, which confirmed the match to Pamela's killer.


Lindahl did not know Pamela.

The State Attorney Robert Berlin went on to share information that after Lindahl killed Pamela, four years later, he sexually assaulted Debra Colliander in his residence. Two weeks before that trial, Debra disappeared, and the case was dismissed. April 28, 1982, authorities found Debra's body in a shallow grave in Oswego, Illinois.


In another case, Debra McCall who is still missing since November 1979 (also on our website under 'Missing' out of Downers Grove, Lindahl is also a suspect in her disappearance, as pictures of her were found in his home. Debra was a Downers Grove North High School student.


There were other pictures of other women in his home.

If you have any additional information on these cases, or of Lindahl, please contact DuPage County State's Attorney's Office tip line at 630-407-8107 or the Lisle Police Department at 630-271-4252.

Information accumulated by:

ABC 7 Chicago

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