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Orphan Smoke house

Centralia, Clinton County, Illinois very own Orphan Smoke House is located at

1829 South Pine Street, Centralia, Illinois 62801

We are sending a huge shout out to all those at Orphan Smokehouse!! Not only for caring about all those missing across their area, but for supporting our organization, and bringing the best smoked meat in all of Illinois!! Never disappointing, this company goes out of their way for the missing, our organization, and bringing out the best. They have come on site when we have done searches bringing all of our searches amazing food when we are exhausted and hungry, keeping us all going. They have given us VIP food when we come in to order after a long day. Thank you to all of you for continuing to make awesome food!! Love you guys!

Go check them out. It's more than worth it! They still take carry out orders thru this pandemic.

Check out there FB page (link in this post) and visit them, as they continue to work hard for their customers and friends during this crisis.

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