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Morgan Jade Violi, 7, July 24, 1996, Bowling Green, Kentucky

July 24, 1996, approximately 12:30 p.m., seven year old Morgan Violi was abducted from the Colony Apartments parking lot in Bowling Green, Kentucky. across from Morgan's apartment. The abductor attempted to take both Morgan and her friend. The friend escaped, but Morgan was snatched and put in the van.

Morgan's friend and her mother ran to Morgan's apartment to notify her family that Morgan was abducted.


The suspect has never been identified and Morgan's disappearance and murder is still unsolved.

Morgan's sister Nikki reported that on the day Morgan was abducted, she was walking back home, and on the way, a man driving a maroon van had the slide door opened, passing her. He waved to her, and she waved back at him.

The Robertson County Sheriff's Office reported the description of the possible suspect as possibly being in his twenties at the time, with collar length sandy brown hair, defined muscles, and a sharp, distinct nose. He had a slender build, a mustache and some beard.

The vehicle believed to have been used to abduct Morgan was believed to have been stolen on July 23, 1996 from Dayton, Ohio, and was described as a 1978 Chevy. This van was later located abandoned at a truck stop in Franklin, Tennessee.

A second vehicle is also being sought after. It is a 1979 or older white Ford Van with a slatted trailer-door type of window on the side. It was seen parked by the old barn on North Swift Road at Webster Road in Robertson County on July 25, 1996. It was at this location for about four hours, and the location is about 100 feet from where Morgan's remains were located.


Morgan was missing for about three months, until October 20, 1996 when her remains were located in White House, Tennessee.


If you have any information on Morgan's disappearance or murder, please contact:

Federal Bureau of Investigations in Bowling Green, Kentucky at (270) 745-8662 or (270) 781-4734

Detective Don Bennet at (615) 384-7971

Bowling Green Police Department at (270) 393-4244


9/25/2020 Video by WKRN

Information by:

Robertson Sheriff's Office


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