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Luis A Guerrero, 18, August 13, 2018, West Chicago, DuPage County, Illinois

Luis Guerrero's body was found by firefighters that were conducting a training exercise near the 1300-block of Joliet Street in unincorporated Wheaton, Illinois. The horrific finding of his murder soon followed.

Francisco Alvarado, 18, and Tia Brewer, 16, Francisco's girlfriend met with Luis in a library where they strangled Luis with a belt, stabbed him in the neck multiple times, then threw him in a vehicle, where they drove him to a field, and buried him alive.

Also charged in Luis' death is Jesus Jurado Correa.

Alvarado and Brewer doused Luis with, and set him on fire. Luis tried running but the couple ran him over with a Jeep Cherokee, and brought Luis back to the fire pit, under a picnic bench, and re-ignited his body. Correa gave them the gasoline, observed the body in the fire pit when he got to the scene and later saw the fire pit go up in flames before he left.

The couple were both found in a Chicago motel with the reported murder weapons. They planned to run. Blood was later found under the Jeep after one of the family members reported it to police.

Brewer claimed she was sexually assaulted by Luis, which was what was offered as a motive. There were no records of a complaint by Brewer. It is said that Brewer dated Luis some time prior to the murder.


Francisco Alvarado & Tia Brewer were both charged with 12 counts

He was charged 08-16-2018

7 counts of 1st Degree Murder

3 counts of Aggravated Kidnapping

Armed Robbery

Concealment of a homicidal death

Both defendants continue court on the same dates, are scheduled to continue January 2023 with no trial date yet set as of December 2022.


Luis A. Guerrero, resident of West Chicago, passed away August 14, 2018 at the age of 18.

A loving son and brother, Luis will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Family and friends are invited to gather Tuesday, August 21, 2018 for a memorial gathering starting at 11:00AM at DuPage Memorial Chapel, 951 W. Washington Street, West Chicago, IL. At 12:45PM, family and friends are invited to follow in procession to a memorial mass beginning at 1:00PM at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 140 N Oakwood Ave, West Chicago, IL.

Luis' body was cremated

Information accumulated by:

CBS Chicago News

WGN News


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