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Lemak Murders, March 4, 1999, Naperville, DuPage County, Illinois

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Nicholas (7), Emily (6) and Thomas (3)

Three children were murdered by their mother Marilyn Lemak on March 4, 1999 at their home at 28 S Loomis Street in Naperville, Illinois.

Marilyn at the time was a surgical nurse and gave her children the prescription drugs that were prescribed to her, and then suffocated them to death.

Marilyn killed Emily and Thomas first while their older brother Nicholas played downstairs after he returned from school. Marilyn then came downstairs and told Nicholas his siblings wouldn't be joining them for dinner. She made him a bagel with crunch peanut butter sprinkled with crushed tablets of the anti-anxiety tranquilizer Ativan, then smothered him.

The next morning she called 911 and notified dispatch of what she had done to her children. When the police entered the home, they found both of the boys lying in their own beds, and their sister was in the mother's room. Marilyn was lying next to her dead daughter, after she had made a failed attempted suicide herself, slightly slitting her own wrist and swallowing several pills.

Marilyn claimed that she was depressed over the divorce of their father, David Lemak. She was found fit to stand trial. The family did not want to go thru the challenges of a death penalty case, and therefore the State Attorney's Office

She was sentenced to life and continues her life at the Logan Correctional Center in Illinois.

Information by:

Chicago Tribune

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