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Kala Brown, 30 & Charlie David Carver, 32, August 31, 2016, Moore, South Carolina

Kala Brown and her boyfriend Charlie Carver drove to man's house named Todd Kohlhepp, who Kala had known for five years. Her ex-boyfriend introduced her to this real estate broker, who offered Kala jobs for extra cash. Once on his property, he took a shotgun and blasted Charles three times in the chest, instantly killing him while Kala helplessly watched. Kohlhepp told Kala he killed Todd to make it easier to control Kala.

Charlie's mother filed the initial missing persons report, and questions began early on in their disappearance.

For the next two months, Kala became a sex-slave, chained up and frozen in time under the watchful eye of the man who took her boyfriend's life. Chained and shackled to the side of a metal shipping container, Kala was silenced. Forcing sexual acts & rape, being fed once a day, and allowed to use the toilet once a day, Kala's life was taken in complete control. At some point, he walked her around the property showing her three separate graves, confirming that others had been murdered on the property. She was firmly warned that if she tried anything, she'd wind up just like them.

Kohlhepp manipulated the public by creating posts on Charles' Facebook page reporting that he and Kala had gotten married, bought a house and were expecting a child. Investigators found Facebook messages between Kala and Kohlhepp regarding her visit to his property for her and Charlie to do some work for him. The phone pings were last at his property.

November 3, 2016, Investigators visited Kohlhepp with a warrant to search the property. They knew that the couple was supposed to do work on the successful realtor's personal property and hadn't been seen since then. . Upon entering the Kohlhepp property, Investigators located Charle's car, and later Charle's grave.

Kala's survival mode thrust her hands to pound on the steel shipping container she had been imprisoned in for nearly two months, to get the attention of authorities nearby. When authorities approached the container, they knew someone was alive and trapped. They cut open the locked bolt wrapped with a chain, and as seen live on TV, they found Kala 'chained like a dog', alive.

Kohlhepp told Kala that he wanted her to live on the property and develop feelings for him. The truth was not far from Charles's grave, where an empty hole in the ground awaited Kala at some point.

Once caught, Kohlhepp told Investigators of the six murders he committed. Charles was his last victim, while Kala was the one that got away.

Kohlhepp will spend the rest of his useless life behind bars, though somehow he was allowed to escape the death sentence over a plea deal.

Kala's lawsuit landed her an incredible $6.3 million dollars from Kohlhepp's estate.

Charlie David Carver


Charles David Carver, age 32, of Anderson was pronounced deceased on November 4, 2016, in Spartanburg County, SC.

Born in Anderson, SC, on November 19, 1983, he was a printing machine operator at First Quality Tissue. He was a former member of the Army National Guard and a former Explorer Cadet with the Anderson County Sherriff’s Office. He was avid pool player and a member of a nine ball and eight ball league. He enjoyed authoring books and was in the process of completing his fifth mystery.

A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, November 19, 2016, at 4:00 p.m. at North Anderson Baptist Church with Reverend Bill Rigsby and Reverend Roger Kendrick officiating.

The family will receive friends prior to the service on Saturday, at the church, from 1:00 p.m. until 3:30 p.m.

The McDougald Funeral Home and Cremation Services, Anderson, SC

The following was sent to me to be added ;

Charlie was a victim of homicide, by Todd Christopher Kohlhepp. There is an episode of “People Magazine” on Investigation Discovery (ID) TV “Killing Field” (2018) documenting his life, and final days. “The parents of a young South Carolina couple are terrified when they go missing in 2016. Detectives find a clue that leads to strange storage container in the middle of 95 acres. What’s inside unlocks secrets of a monster hiding in plain sight.”

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