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Jennifer Kesse, 24, January 24, 2006, Orlando, Florida

The last day Jennifer was known to have been seen and heard from was a seemingly normal day for her. There was nothing out of the ordinary. She spoke with her parents, had a conversation with her boyfriend (who lived in Ft Lauderdale) and a conversation on the phone with her best friend. She lived in the new Mosaic at Millenia condominium that was up and coming, and was incredibly happy with her own new place and a great job as a finance manger at a timeshare company. The last call is believed to be about 10:00 PM January 23, 2006.

The next morning, she missed work; something she has never done and would never do. Her vehicle was also missing, a black Chevy Malibu. Jennifer's family, friends and co-workers knew something was immediately wrong.

Inside her residence, nothing was out of place. A damp towel was found on the floor leading them to believe she had taken a shower prior to heading to work. The condo was locked. Her purse, cell phone, iPod and briefcase were missing. It looked like she got ready for work, locked her residence and at least got to her vehicle. Maybe she didn't even get to her vehicle by herself. She may have even been forced in to another vacant condominium.

January 26, 2006 at about noon, two days after her disappearance, her vehicle was found parked and abandoned at an apartment complex near the pool area in a high-crime area in Orlando about a mile away from where she lived.

Video surveillance shows an unidentified male parking her vehicle the day she disappeared around noon. Jennifer was not in the video. He is seen dressed in workman's clothes. It is incredibly frustrating as he has never been identified, and his face is barely visible at all. While NASA attempted to get a clearer video for identification purposes, it did not help much. The FBI, however, did confirm that this person is between 5'3 and 5'5 with notably large feet for his height. They were able to locate a latent print which was Jennifer's, and a large boot print near the gas pedal. Police immediately noticed a possible struggle on the hood of Jennifer's vehicle.

This evidence looked like someone was thrown down on top of the hood, arms spread out, then dragged back off the hood 'to the point where you can almost see fingers scribbling down the hood' as her dad explained. A photo depicts a hand mark going across the hood.

In 2018 her parents sued the Orland Police Department to receive all records for her disappearance and the investigation partook. It worked with them receiving 16,000 plus pages in the file.

A witness claims she saw Jennifer's vehicle swerving hear the exit to 'Mosaic at Millenia' condominiums on the morning of January 24, 2006. 'The car was moving erratically'. She said it looked as if two people were fighting over the steering wheel.

At the time Jennifer lived there, the condominium complex was undergoing great construction, turning apartments into individual condos. With that, brought many construction workers in the area that were frequently on the property and even lived in the vacant condos. Jennifer mentioned to her family that this made her feel uncomfortable and unsafe, because they would stop and stare; even make comments to her.

There has never been a sighting since.

If you have information on Jennifer's disappearance or whereabouts please contact 321-235-5300 & ask to speak with detective in this case or Crime Stoppers at 800-423-TIPS.

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