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Jayme Closs, 13, October 15, 2018, Barron, Wisconsin

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

October 15, 2018 in Barron Wisconsin, a 911 call comes in about one o'clock in the morning. Though no one was speaking to the dispatcher, yelling in the background brought attention to the Closs residence and police were dispatched.

Inside the Closs home, Denise and James Closs were found deceased. Their thirteen-year-old daughter was missing, and they had to determine whether she was part of the murders, or was now also a victim, and possibly abducted. Jayme was reported missing and endangered, and the media took to the public. Jayme's disappearance hit almost every household in the nation. Every day, the media, social media and every public outlet spoke of Jayme's disappearance not knowing what happened or how, when or if she'd ever be found.

Eighty-eight days later, on January 10, 2019, a neighbor and part-time resident was outside walking her dog when she saw a young lady approaching. The young lady told her she didn't know where she was and she was lost, asking for help Jeanne Nutter just came upon Jayme. Jayme had had been abducted, and escaped.

The neighbor brought Jayme into her home where they called 911, and comforted Jayme until authorities came.

Jayme had been abducted, taken to a cabin and when he would leave, put her under the bed for hours at a time. One of these times she crawled herself out from underneath the bed where she was forced to remain, threw on the abductor's shoes, and without a coat, took off running for her life. It was cold. There was snow. She didn't know where she was or where to go. Little did she know she was seventy miles away from her home just outside of Gordon, Wisconsin.

While the police were looking for the suspect once they spoke to Jayme, he was not at home. He was out looking for Jayme after she escaped. It is unimageable to think what could have happened if Jayme's here didn't see her when she did, and bring her in to safety.

Jayme's abductor, the killer of both her parents was identified as Jake Thomas Patterson. Twenty-one at the time was picked up and charged with 1 count of kidnapping, 1 count of armed burglary and 2 counts of first-degree murder. He pled guilty.

Jayme heard the shot that killed her father while she was being protected by her mother in the bathroom. Jayme watched the killer break into the bathroom, where he shot her mother in front of her. He abducted her out of the home, leaving their family dog behind and unharmed.

No one knew who took Jayme. No one knew where Jayme was. No one saved Jayme other than the woman Jayme found and identified herself to. Jayme was her own hero. While everyone that was able to do what they could to help find Jayme, did in fact do everything they could, the hero here was Jayme herself.

Tears streamed down my face when I heard she was located and was alive. I'm confident there were many tears from those searching for her, those that knew her, the community, and all of us onlookers that hurt for her, and her parents.

Soon we would all find out how horrific Jayme's abduction was.

Patterson worked at a cheese factory south of Almena. One of the mornings he drove himself to work he was stopped behind a bus on Highway 7 and noticed Jayme getting on that bus for school. Though he hadn't seen her until this moment, he knew right then and there that he was going to take her. He didn't know who lived in the house or how many people lived in it. That didn't stop him. He shaved his hair, put on two pairs of gloves, wiped down the shotgun and the shells he was taking with him in order to kill anyone in the residence, and get away with it. He attempted to abduct her two times prior to actually getting in that house.

During Jayme's captivity, he would leave her alone in his bedroom, under his bed for up to twelve hours at a time without food, water or bathroom breaks. When he had guests over, he turned up the music. He would have stacks of totes and laundry bins around the bed with weights stacked against them so she couldn't get out.

The company in which both of Jayme's parents worked, Jennie-O Turkey Store offered a reward of $25,000 to the person who located Jayme. They gave the reward directly to Jayme, saying it was hers for her 'bravery and strength have truly inspired our team members around the world'.

Jayme saved herself.

Thank you to all the law enforcement agencies who participated in doing everything they could to investigate Jayme's disappearance and her parents' murders to bring her home and get this scumbag off the streets. Thank you to the State Attorney's Office for all your hard work in ensuring the safety of Jayme and other children from such a monster. Thank you to all the searchers, those who shared her disappearance, the FBI and NCMEC for your efforts. Coming together for one young lady says it all.

Welcome home dear Jayme. Thank you for giving all of us hope. In a way, you rescued so many more children and adults. Your bravery and strength kept you alive and brought you home. We hope you know you were not alone, we were all praying and waiting. There is no such thing as a better outcome. God knows how proud your family is of you.

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