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Jakarriah Patterson, 2, March 20, 2014, Lansing, Illinois, found murdered. Suspect: Her father.

March 20, 2014, two-year-old Jakarriah Patterson was found beaten severaly, causing her death, which was ruled a homicide. Her father allegedly beat her after Jakarriah soiled herself. He allegedly struck her in the head and slammed her head into the toilet, forcing her to sit in her own waste while he struck her in the back and her stomach. When officers arrived to the residence at the 179th block of Wildwood Avenue in Lansing, they found Jakarriah's lifeless body. The autopsy confirmed evidence of child abuse, and reported her death was caused by multiple blunt force trauma injuries. The suspect, her father, Jeremy Thompson.

Her mother wanted the father to spend time with her and get to know her. Jakarriah was with him for a month until she was murdered.

The community her mother lived in, Evanston, came together for a vigil in memory of Jakarriah and in support of her mother and the family. A vigil the father did not attend.

Jeremiah Thompson, 21, of Lansing, was later charged with first-degree murder in her death. At the time of Jakarriah's murder, Thompson was on parole for robbery.

It was documented after death that she had broken bones, lacerated organs and scattered bruises. Thompson gave a videotaped confession. Additionally, DCFS reported patters of abuse.

Charged with murder in 2014, Thompson awaited trial for eight years at the Cook County Jail. The trial was finally held February 2022 at the Markham Cook County Courthouse, where a jury somehow found him not guilty and acquitted him of all charges. That's four not guilty verdicts.

Acquitted by a jury in Chicago.

Jakarriah's death will forever hold injustice.

We pray for her family to hold peace knowing that Jakarriah is loved and cared for now by God, and that every killer must face the Man at the Gate.

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