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Gloria Ogles, 54, January 6, 1988, Crystal River, Florida

Gloria Ogles, 54 met her fate on January 6, 1988 when a suspect entered Gloria's family-run business, Crystal River Roofing. Gloria was abducted, taken to a remote storm sewer and murdered.


Scott Brian Weiand was 17 at the time of Gloria's murder. He admitted to abducting and killing her. Weiand confessed to taking her with the intent to rob her and release her. But when Gloria fought back, and swung her purse at him, hitting him, he lost it. He pulled the trigger twice and shot her in the head. Gloria was still alive, attempting to crawl away for help. Weiand said he ran over her with a car and killed her.

Weiand worked at the business for a few months prior to the murder. Moreover, he had stolen from them prior to the abduction.

After Weiand's conviction, however, the US Supreme Court ruled that it was 'cruel and unusual punishment' to not allow convicted juveniles a chance at parole. He was getting a do-over in the court.

Though the family was forced to endure the pain of reliving Gloria's murder once again so many years later, Weiand got his day in court. His sentence, however, was unexpected. He received two life sentences. Consecutively. The judge believed that Weiand planned Gloria's abduction and murder for weeks prior to executing his plan.

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