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Charisma Marie Ehresman, 20, January 23, 2022, Forest View, IL has been found deceased.

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

With an incredibly heavy heart, we must report that on 1/29/2022 Charisma Ehresman was located and is deceased. Our deepest condolences to Charisma's family and those who know and love her.

Details are slowly being reported that Charisma was located deceased in a vehicle on Iowa Street in Chicago, in the back seat with her coat over her head. The autopsy results show that Charisma was either 'strangled or smothered to death' and her death is being investigated as a homicide.

If you have any information on Charisma's disappearance or death, please contact the Forest View Police Department at (708) 788-0318

The family has started a website in Charisma's name sharing information on her case as they seek justice. Please click here for that website.

Rest in Peace Charisma. Your loved ones have it from here.

Shortly after Charisma was located deceased, it was reported that there was a suspect who was charged with her murder. Richard Chavez (age 24) was arrested. According to Fox 32 Chicago, the last call made on Charisma's phone was to Chavez. Her phone pinged less than two blocks from his residence in Oak Park at 1:43 am. on January 24, 2022. Her last snap message was sent around that time.

The Ring doorbell footage shows Chavez walked into his home with Charisma and she was never seen leaving.

That morning Chavez then got into her vehicle and drove to the Austin neighborhood in Chicago where he abandoned her vehicle, walked around for an hour then called his brother to come pick him up.

Chavez was picked up a day later on a felony DUI warrant and showed to have cuts on his hands and appeared to have cut his hair. Chavez responded by saying that he met Charisma on social media and that she came to his home to 'hook up'. He said he was in bed by 8am 1/23/22 and woke up at 1o-11am the next morning.

Police executed a search warrant of his residence where they found a partially packed suitcase, hair clippings in the garbage and the same mask he was seen wearing on the Ring doorbell footage.

He is being held at the Cook County Jail awaiting trial.


On January 28, 2022 Charisma was found deceased in the back of her vehicle parked on the 5900 block of West Iowa Street in Chicago. Upon further investigation, Richard Chavez, met Charisma online, was seen on Ring video bringing her into his home but she was never seen leaving. On January 25th, he was arrested for a Felony DUI warrant with cuts on his hands & his hair cut. On January 31st, police executed a search warrant of his home where they found a packed suitcase. He was then charged for her murder by strangulation & smothering.

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