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Alison Zelaya Ardon, 2, October 19, 2021, Chicago, murdered, two charged.

Alison Ardon, age two has been found murdered, with the manner of death by sustaining multiple injuries consistent with child abuse. Arrested were Wilfredo Cruz, 43 and Milixen Ardon, 24 for first degree murder. They are both accused of beating and neglecting Alison which directly resulted in her death.

Alison was found unresponsive at her address on the 6600 block of S. California Avenue in Chicago in the Marquette Park in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood.

Both are being held in the Cook County Jail without bond.

A mutual acquaintance of the couple moved in to their basement apartment in August and witnessed the abuse by both of the defendants. The witness reported they frequently abused and left Alison home alone. One time, they witnessed the toddler on the kitchen table eating powdered creamer and sugar. The witness saw the child being forced to walk back and forth in the basement hallway for hours, and if she stopped or cried, he would yell at her to keep walking.

The defendants both admitted to hitting her with a belt, locking her in her room and tying her to her cot by the legs, always wearing long sleeves and long pants to cover up the baby's injuries. They never took her to be medically treated until she was found unresponsive.

The roommate also reported that the day before Alison died he heard her struggling to breathe but when he got up, she resumed normal breathing.

The autopsy resulted in the cause of death to be a rupture to her stomach cause by blunt force trauma to the abdomen. She had extensive injuries in various stages of healing to her body, arms and head. Her skin was covered in marks and bruises. She was under weight and her teeth were yellowed and not taken care of. Autopsy reported a hole on the left side of her face that was caused by being hit, contusions across her head and neck, abrasions on her lips, severe burns on her hands and patterned abrasions covering almost her entire body. She was malnourished; all signs of severe child abuse.


Court continues thru December 2021

We have been unable to find any pictures of Alison.

Please recognize the signs of child abuse before these children die.

You can make a difference in their life and even save them.

Rest in God's hands Alison.

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