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Aarabella McCormack, 11, August 30, 2022, Spring Valley, California

First responders came to the residence on a report to a child in distress before 2:00 a.m. on August 30, 2022 at a home on the 3300 block of Lakeview Drive in Spring Valley, California. Eleven-year-old Aarabella had bruises and was severely malnourished. First responders rushed her to the hospital, where she died of her abuse.

Aarabella's biological father was contacted by police. Brian McCormack arrived at the scene where he shot and killed himself. Brian was a Border Patrol Agent. Brian and Leticia became her foster parents in 2017, and adopted her and her sisters two years later.

The 'mother' Leticia McCormack, the grandmother Adella and grandfather Stanley Tom have been charged. They have all pleaded not guilty. Additional charges were placed for the torture and abuse to Aarabella's two younger siblings (ages 6 and 7) who survived. The mother and her father were additionally charged with her murder. Both of the surviving siblings were treated and a hospital for days then taken to foster care.

The girls were being homeschooled.

The biological mother, Torriana Florey, lost custody of all three of her daughters to DCFS after a domestic violence dispute with their father. The mother is reported to be diagnosed with bi-polar disorder.

Aarabella had severe levels of malnourishment, and was covered in bruises.

The foster mother Leticia McCormack was charged with murder, three counts of torture and three counts of willful child cruelty, and the abuse of Aarabella's two younger sisters.

Leticia's parents were charged with three counts of torture and three counts of willful child cruelty.

Letitica and the grandfather were both charged with murder.

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Court TV


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