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A Letter from the President & Founder

I wanted to take a moment to speak with each of you that has become a member of our family. Our family consists of those that believe in the importance of doing what it takes to create 'Awareness, Knowledge and Prevention' for all missing children and adults. While we are only registered in Illinois, we all have the same goals in common.

I believe that everyone should know the circumstances of every single missing child and adult across the globe. Everyone should believe that we can make a difference. We all play a role as an individual, as a leader, a neighbor, family member, teacher, police officer, judge, state attorney,.. everyone has a role.

Communities can search or create searches, gather other community members, print posters, go door to door and assist the families with their needs. Media reporters can use their platforms the way they used to and actually report on the disappearances. Law enforcement can use their platforms in creating awareness and sharing their needs throughout the community and use their resources to do what it takes to bring them home. Everyone can come together for one person to bring them home.

I experienced this tragedy in my own life. As I say, the broken can help the broken. Regardless of who or what we are, we can do our part and make a difference. 

I'd like to personally thank Pepsico, Berkhot Foods, Subway and Badabing Wings for your support in 2021.

That means you.

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Join me in my mission. Your information is private with us. We will send you notifications via email with missing cases and newsletters on other information, events and news.

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