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Child Abductions were once  an unfathomable and terrifying crime. Parents worst nightmare of their child disappearing, taken by a predator. Our children were taken from malls, parks and other public places; even on the streets in front of our homes. Predators have changed with the times. Our children use the internet to communicate with friends and meet new people. These predators now lure and groom our children, often via the internet while no one is looking. Our children believe they are talking to someone that  will help take them to 'a better place'. Once our children disappear, the initial reaction is that they are a 'runaway'.  The thought process of many is that these teenagers chose to walk out of their homes and schools.  'They aren't missing'.  This has proven to be more often wrong, and fatal. We are failing our children.

The goal of 'The Runaway Project' is to create awareness of our missing children. Abductions, luring and grooming, exploitation and trafficking is in our backyards across America, and we have been blinded to it.  There are more predators, child molesters, traffickers and pedophiles now more than ever. Our KIDS FIRST campaign is extended to create awareness, knowledge and prevention to these predators that are taken our children every single day across  the nation. It's time to listen, learn, understand and react. It's time for change. Communities, politicians and lawmakers, law enforcement, non-government organizations, teachers, leaders, the media; we can all stand up for all missing children and make a real difference in our children's futures.

These are some of the many missing children who were initially believed to have run away and were not considered endangered, later to be found murdered. These are some of their stories.