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Vasudeva Kethireddy, 76 August 4, 2018 Rolling Meadows / Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

DISAPPEARANCE I have to say that the most difficult thing for me to see in any case is when there has been no update from the media at all regarding a murder case. In this particular story, there has been nothing but radio silence since November 2018 (fourteen months as of the day I wrote this).

Vasudeva was last seen August 4th, 2018 when he went thru his customary routine of leaving his home in Rolling Meadows and going through the West Englewood neighborhood where he owned several properties he rented, collecting rent and working on his places when needed.

For days it was on the news when the vehicle was found. There was a video police collected that showed Vasudeva entered Chase Bank located on 6940 South Ashland Avenue in Chicago. His credit cards were used in the area “at a nearby Citgo gas station, shortly after he went missing. The credit card was used to purchase bleach”.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the brothers met with Vasudeva’s family and “exchanged hugs and handshakes with the younger Kethireddy, sharing hopes for his father’s safe return.”

LOCATED September 28, 2018 his body had been located as ABC 7 reported “in a sewer in the 6200-block of South May Street in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood”. Autopsy confirmed he died by strangulation.

SUSPECTS Two brothers were charged in Vasudeva’s murder and were held with no bond. Elijah Green, age 25, and Tony Green, age 22 were both charged with first degree murder. ABC 7 reported during a bond hearing, the brothers lured Vasudeva to their rental property to rob him. “They had allegedly complained about a leak. When Kethireddy arrived to check it out, Elijah Green allegedly choked him, causing his death. The Chicago Tribune reported the State’s Attorney’s Office said “Green had called him several times the day before and on the day of the murder, he said. When Kethireddy arrived that Saturday, Tony Green led him to the rear of the apartment while Elijah snuck up behind and grabbed the older man in a chokehold until he died, Berger said. A witness saw Elijah Green bringing Kethireddy’s body out the back door, then both brothers carrying it to the back seat of the victim’s white 2005 Toyota Prius. The brothers took $1,600 in cash from Kethireddy’s car and his credit cards, which were later used at businesses near the brothers’ apartment building, according to Berger. Unable to find a place to dump the body, they returned home and left it in the car covered by a sheet. Later that evening, they parked the Prius in front of their apartment and lifted a sewer lid and placed Kethireddy's body inside, Berger said.” The brothers allegedly stole $1,600 and credit cards from Kethireddy. Prosecutors also said someone did a Google search on Tony Green's phone that said, "How long does it take for a body to decompose in the sewer?"

The Chicago Tribune said that the Prosecutor has a witness stating they overheard the brothers planning his mother prior to.

CBS Chicago said Prosecutors reportedly they have a witness that “saw Elijah Green carrying Kethireddy over his shoulder out the back door. The brothers drove around in their landlord’s car, looking for a spot to place his body, even leaving him in the car for a day until dumping him in the sewer the following morning. Both brothers are convicted felons. Elijah was charged with robbing a handicapped person in the past.”

COURT Elijah & Tony Green, remain at the Cook County jail like the rest of these suspects, which can take years before their trial ever begins. Both of their trials are on the same date consistently but it has not been confirmed if they are going to be tried together. Their next Court Date May 12, 2020 at Leighton Criminal Court Building on 2650 S. California Ave in Chicago.

SERVICES His family set up visitation on Thursday, October 4, 2018 between 11:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. at Countryside Funeral Home and Crematory at 950 South Bartlett Road in Bartlett, Illinois. It is unclear if he was laid to rest or cremated. As hard as it is to keep ourselves safe in this life, Vasudeva didn’t give up on those that everyone else had already given up on. He found apartments to fix up and rent out to people that couldn’t get others to take them in. Englewood can be a scary place and may be one of the highest crime area neighborhoods in Chicago, but this guy didn’t let that stop him. He was a good, hard working, honest man that did everything he could to raise his family well, and give to others. It doesn’t mean we should lose our faith in humanity, but to keep ourselves safe, aware and guarded for we never know what others intentions are. My heart goes out to this man and this family.

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