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Tina Donavan, 45, January 13, 2020, Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

A massive search continued for days as Tina may be in danger. Tina, 45 of Ottawa, Illinois was reported missing by a family member January 13, 2020. Her vehicle was located in the Starved Rock Lodge parking area. Her crutches which she requires to walk was found near the vehicle along with her purse. She had on a black walking boot on her right foot. Tina however was nowhere to be found. Video footage showed Tina leaving her vehicle there and walking in to the park alone.

Rescuers believed that she may be in the river and concentrated their efforts there. Search included the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Ottowa River Rescue Squad and other teams which were later removed from the search. The search efforts included a ground search, dogs and water sonar searches.

The searches were suspended. Tina is still missing. One can only pray that someone will be able to find her and bring her home to her loved ones.

It was later reported that on January 13th, 2020 Tina didn't show up for work. She left letters, encrypted stating she was 'eating from the tree of life'. She withdrew money from the bank that day. Her crutches and personal belongings were found by the bottom of the cliff at the bank of the Illinois River.

On the day of Tina's disappearance we attempted to contact her family but were unsuccessful. Our only contact was the search and rescue teams looking for Tina. Soon thereafter, the searches seized over bad weather, and there has been no additional information since.

We pray for Tina that she will be located. Our hearts go out to those that love her.

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