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Timmothy J Pitzen, 6, May 12, 2011, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

'It was around 8:30 on the morning of May 11, 2011, that Amy Fry-Pitzen picked up her only son from kindergarten at Greenman Elementary School in Aurora with the excuse there was a family emergency, a deceit that, unfortunately, would turn out to be true.

Over the next couple of days, she took little Timmothy on a kid’s dream excursion, first to Brookfield Zoo and then to a couple of water parks, where mother and son were captured on video. On May 13, she telephoned several family members near Sterling, where the boy could be heard in the background, telling them both were safe and would return soon.

But about six hours later she was seen without Timmothy on video at a couple of stores in Winnebago. Then she checked into a Rockford motel, where she got into a full bathtub, took an overdose of antihistamines and slit her wrists and throat, leaving behind a note that apologized for the mess she’d created and insisting her son was safe with those who loved him but would never be found.'


Our greatest fears as parents is exactly this. Timmothy's disappearance. An abduction. A kidnapping. His mother unfortunately was unstable at best, and put Timmothy in a place where as of now, no one has ever been able to find him and bring him home. His family has never given up, as no one should. The Aurora Police Department take Timmothy's case, and all missing kids in their area extremely serious.

We pray for him, his family and all those who continue to do what it takes to bring Timmothy and other children across the nation, home.

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