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Tiffany Daniels, 25, August 12, 2013, Pensacola, Esambia County, Florida

Missing Person: Tiffany Daniels

Age at the time of disappearance: age 25

Date Last Seen: August 12, 2013

Location Last Seen: Leaving the Pensacola State College in Pensacola. Esambia County, Florida where she worked as a theater technician.


On the day Tiffany was last seen, not much is known. She had a goodbye breakfast with her boyfriend who was heading to the University of Texas in Austin to join their robotics program. He wanted her to come with him but she declined but wanted to continue their relationship at a distance, planning to visit him in Austin.

Tiffany's roommate Gary Nichols said that she was a little depressed but was in fact planning to visit her boyfriend in Austin.

Tiffany put an add in Craigslist looking for a roommate which Gary Nichols, 54 agreed and planned on her moving in to the room he was renting out. He was one of Tiffany's friends' fathers. The last night she was seen, Tiffany and Gary stayed at home and watched the Monty Python and the Holy Grail movie, as she was going to start working on the set at work for their musical comedy 'Spamalot'. After they movie they both went to their own rooms as they both ad to work early the next morning.

Between 3:00 AM - 5:00 AM that next morning Gary was awoken to hear the front door open and close several times. He peeked out but did not see her, and assumed she had gone to work early. Gary went back to sleep.

On August 12, 2013, Tiffany went to work then later asked to leave early and requested a couple of days off but did not say why other than saying she had a couple of things to do. Her time off was approved and she left work at 4:43PM. She went home for a short time but Gary wasn't paying attention as he was distracted with a phone call and says he did not see her enter the residence.

Later that night he realized she was not at home and she was not returning his phone calls. He tried calling her the next morning, and that night when he got home he found the electricity had been shut off and assumed she forgot to pay the electric bill. At that point her family was contacted and they began reaching out to Tiffany's friends. No one had seen her. Days later they contacted the police and filed an official missing persons report. There were no signs of foul play at the residence. Gary and Tiffany's boyfriend were cleared during their investigation process.

There were no signs of foul play at the residence.

August 20, 2013 Tiffany's vehicle, a Toyota 4 Runner was found abandoned in Park West in Pensacola. Her friend was going for a run and found it parked in Pensacola Beach near Fort Pickens. Inside her vehicle was her bicycle, her purse and cell phone, wallet, clothing, paintings and a jar of peanut butter with a jug of water. Investigators processed the vehicle and confirmed that two fingerprints were found. One was on the door handle and the other was on the steering wheel. Neither matched Tiffany's. Residents state the vehicle was only there about two days prior to being located. Unconfirmed, a man was seen getting out of the vehicle on that day the vehicle was found.

Nearby was the Bob Sikes Bridge in Pensacola that had surveillance video from both of the toll booths. It did show her vehicle pass through it on August 12, 2013 at 7:51PM. It was not known who drove the vehicle.

The bicycle in her car had sand on the tires leading to the idea she went on a bike ride that night during the Perseid Meteor Shower that night.

One of the believed sightings thru the years was in 2014 suggesting that she may have been human trafficked in Louisiana. A woman reported that someone similar to Tiffany's description came in with two other unidentified women at a restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana wearing long sleeved shirts with the cuffs of the shirts pulled over both of their hands. The waitress mentioned to the girls that she looked like the girl on the missing persons poster. One of the other girl then asked for to-go-bags and left immediately. While there was no surveillance video or positive identification, the waitress believed it was a positive identification and the family is convinced it was also possible and likely.

Tiffany's phone ran out of minutes prior to her disappearance and did not have a phone when she vanished.

Tiffany Heaven Daniels is a white, Caucasian female who is roughly 5’ 7” tall and weighs in between 130 and 150 pounds. She has blonde, wavy hair that is neck length and blue eyes. Tiffany typically does not shave her underarms. On the tops of both feet, she has a tattoo of a progression depicting the life cycle of a plan from seed to full-grown.

If you have any information in Tiffany Daniels disappearance, please call the Pensacola Police Department at 850-435-1900.

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