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Sydney Loofe, 24, November 14, 2017, Wilber, Saline County, Nebraska

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Sydney Loofe, 24 at the time, disappeared after she met a man on the dating app 'Tinder'. It would take nineteen days before her dismembered remains were discovered, cut up and wrapped in trash bags and dumped in a field near Edgar, about 90 miles southwest of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Aubrey Trail, 52 and his much younger girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 25 were accused and charged in Sydney's disappearance and death of planning the kidnapping, murder and dismemberment. Aubrey Trail reportedly admitted to strangling her with an electrical cord, and that Bailey Boswell assisted in the killing, dismemberment and disposal. In an unimaginable twist, the defense would claim that Sydney died as a result of 'consensual rough sex' that went wrong.

Adding insult to injury, Aubrey staged a theatrical scene during his own trial by sitting in his wheelchair, pulling out a small blade he snuck of his jail cell and in to the courtroom screaming 'Bailey is innocent and I curse you all!', then slitting his own throat, right there inside the courtroom. He was taken to be treated, and went back to court. That didn't stop the court from continuing the trial however.

During the trial, three women were witnesses stating that they also met Aubrey thru Tinder, leading them to also have sex with both Aubrey and Bailey in group settings, stating that after sex, both defendants would talk about torturing and killing other females. They said that Aubrey acted as the 'Daddy Vampire' to a cult of witches, and that Bailey acted as the Queen Witch.

During the investigation, Aubrey Trail implied to Investigators that both defendants drank Sydney's blood.

Sydney's body was chopped into fourteen pieces then placed in to bags. The forensic pathologist reported in the courtroom that Sydney struggled, and had been restrained. She had a torn earlobe and bruises on her wrists, inner thighs and the back of her head. Her eyes and face had burst blood vessels and there was a hemorrhage across her neck indicating strangulation. Aubrey was seen purchasing a hacksaw from a Home Depot, which was consistent with the marks that severed her body.

Both Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell was found guilty of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and improper disposal of human remains. The sentencing result was Bailey to a life sentence, and Aubrey with the death sentence. Shortly after, Aubrey began the appeal arguing that he should have been granted a mistrial, due to the outburst he himself cause in the courtroom (among his other tactics). The Nebraska Supreme Court rejected his appeals.

Bailey Boswell resides at the York Corrections Facility in Nebraska and is not eligible for release until December 2031.

Aubrey Trail resides at the Tecumseh State Correctional Institution. There is no date we were able to find on the Death Sentence.


Sydney was buried at the Immanuel Lutheran Cemetary in Osmond, Nebraska.

Sydney is the daughter of George & Susie Loofe She lived in Arcadia, NE until she was 7 years old when her family moved to Neligh, NE where she went to Neligh-Oakdale Public Schools from 2nd grade unit graduation in May of 2011.0

Sydney was baptized in September of 1993 at Grace Luthean Church in Ord, NE and confirmed on May 6-2007 at Grace Lutheran Church in Neligh, NE.

Sydney was a lover of the outdoors. She loved to go fishing and golfing. She was a caring individual who was known for having a loving, kind heart as many friends, Menards customers and fellow employees would attest to. She was extremely passionate about animals and leaves behind her cat MImzy. Preceded by: Grandfathers: George Loofe Sr., John Fuller and Dwaine Johnson Grandmother: Irene Fuller Uncle: Danny Johnson Survived by: Parents: George & Susie Loofe Brother: Levi Loofe Sister: MacKenzie Loofe Grandmother: Betty Johnson Many loved ones Beyer-Snider Memorial Funeral Home

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