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Robert 'Bonsai' Bee Jr, 13, July 24, 2017, Pekin, Tazewell County, Illinois

Little Man Bonsai was just thirteen years old when he was last confirmed to have been seen on November 17, 2016 leaving his residence at 233 Sapp Street, Pekin, Illinois in Tazewell County.

Bonsai missed school again, and the truancy officer went to the house where he knocked on the door and met with his mother, Lisa Bee. Bonsai ran out of the house, got on his bicycle and rode away. Lisa received a truancy ticket.

Bonsai missed school again the following day, the truancy officer returned to the residence but this time he wasn't there. At this time, a missing persons report was made for him and he was believed to have been listed as an endangered runaway.

Robert's mother Lisa changed her story on her last accounts of seeing him. One of the stories was that Lisa let him stay over a friends house, but she didn't confirm this with the parents of his friend, and it was never confirmed whether Robert stayed at someone else's house, though police may have that information.

At the time of Bonsai's disappearance, his mother Lisa Bee was an active drug user. The house was filthy and deplorable. DCFS had been involved in his life at some point prior to his disappearance. Many stores were spread throughout the community, but ultimately nothing was enough to (1) press charges on anyone, (2) publicly name suspect(s) or (3) locate Robert.

July 24, 2017 everyone's worst fears came true. Little Man Bonsai's remains were found over 10 miles from his residence on the 14300 block of Route 29 on private property which was owned by his mother's friend's family. Thirteen-year-old Robert 'Bonsai' Bee was gone forever. To date (2022) the cause and manner of death has never been released.

It is also believed that Bonsai's remains were never laid to rest. Law Enforcement and the Tazewell Coroner's Office has kept all the information regarding his disappearance and death silent.

Our deepest condolences to Little Man Bonsai and to all those who truly knew him, and truly loved him.

We will continue updating when it is possible to share public information.

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