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Richard Wayne Truett, 46, December 27, 2020, Westville, Vermilion County, Illinois

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Richard Wayne Truett, 46, December 27, 2020, Westville, Vermilion County, Illinois disappeared after he left his residence with Michelle Ingram.

Richard's remains were found in a field north of Covington, Indiana on April 7.

Michelle Ingram and Bailey Castigliola were both charged in Richard's disappearance in death.

It is believed that Michelle and Bailey tricked Richard into leaving his residence about 9PM, where they planned and killed Richard. One of them ended up admitting the murder and shared the location of where they buried Richard in Indiana.

Michelle took a plea deal and was sentenced with ATTEMPT MURDER/INTENT TO KILL/INJURE and sentenced to 21 years. The Vermilion County State’s Attorney says the murder was planned. She says the women stabbed and choked Truett to death, then left his body.

Thank you to the Investigators, assisting agencies and the State Attorney's Office for doing what it takes to get them off the streets, to bring Richard home, and bring some form of justice to Richard and his family.

Bailey is still awaiting trial.

We pray for his family that they may have some form of peace in this.

Rest in peace Richard.

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Kerrie McKenna
Kerrie McKenna
Mar 23, 2021

Any updates on this? Is law enforcement actively searching? Why hasn't a police or volunteer search party been done? From what I have been told and read from local news reports is that she (Michelle) is talking and has mentioned a generalized area of where to look. I am all for volunteering my time to walk wherever I'm needed to help find him. I only knew him as my landlords son as I rented from his father a few years ago but I do know he's a sweetheart and has a kind soul so this breaks my heart.

Gia Marie Wright
Gia Marie Wright
Mar 24, 2021
Replying to

Law enforcement is keeping Richards disappearance very close to the vest and unfortunately there is nothing we are able to share at this time. We can confirm, however, that Detectives have followed every lead and are doing everything that needs to be done above and beyond.

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