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Rebecca Kazecki, 38, August 7, 2018, Joliet, Will County, Illinois

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Rebecca Kazecki was rushed to the hospital after her husband allegedly beat his wife repeatedly over three days before calling 911. He stated that Rebecca was allegedly suffering a medical issue and was unresponsive. The Patch news reported that Michael “told Joliet authorities that his wife had suffered from alcohol poisoning or that she just passed out”.

First Responders on the scene found Rebecca on the floor next to the couch unresponsive. Rebecca Kazecki died at Presence St. Joseph Medical Center at about 4:30 P.M. the next day. Will County Assistant State’s Attorney Jim Long said she suffered head trauma, skull fracture and brain bleeding.

The Chicago Tribune reported the couple fought over the weekend which turned violent, allegedly the husband ‘striking Rebecca several times at various times throughout the weekend’.

The charges against Michael Kazecki ·         3 counts of First Degree Murder ·         1 count of Aggravated Domestic Battery ·         1 count of Domestic Battery with Bodily Harm According to court records, August 8, 2018 he was given Bond set in the amount of $2,000,000.00- 10% to apply. As a condition of bond, defendant is to have no contact with his minor children or their guardian. It is unknown if this still remains the same.

SINCE HIS RELEASE August 23, 2018 he pleaded not guilty.

According to Will County records, August 31, 2018 he posted bond. The Patch reported that his family posted his bond for release after just three weeks. He has been freed, living at the same residence on 702 McDonough Street in Joliet.

September 5, 2018 gag order filed. Neither side is allowed to speak to the press.

THE CHILDREN The Chicago Tribune reported Prosecutors alleging that “Michael Kazecki hit and kicked his wife repeatedly over the course of three days, starting on Saturday, after she attempted to intervene while he was disciplining one of the couple’s three young children.”

The Chicago Tribune also stated that the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services were also investigating allegations of neglect involving the husband. DCFS released a statement stating they “previously had contact with this family for allegations of neglect. The investigation was unfounded due to a lack of evidence.” The Kazecki children at the time were in DCFS protective custody. It is unknown if they are still there today.

The Northwest Herald reported that “A DCFS spokeswoman said the three boys are in the agency’s protective custody. Assistant State’s Attorney Jim Long said Michael Kazecki admitted in a police interview to kicking and punching his wife. Long said Michael Kazecki was hitting his 11-year-old son when Rebecca Kazecki intervened, and he in turn beat her.” A Go-FundMe account was set up for the children. While it has reached over $25K, the funds, according to this link, are being disbursed by the family’s estate guardian. These children are now without parents. THE SCHOOLS Rebecca was a teacher at Gompers Junior High School as an eighth grade special education teacher and had been there fourteen years. The husband was employed at Washington Junior High School as a seventh and eighth grade language arts teacher for about ten years. In an insane twist, The Joliet Patch news reported that (as of April 2019) the Joliet Public School District 86 confirmed they kept the husband on paid administrative leave since his murder charges. They chose not to terminate. They continued giving him a check at his regular teacher’s salary even though the district notified him he was not permitted on the district’s premises. It is unknown why they continued keeping him on the payroll, and if this has since ceased, or continued.

THE FUNERAL SERVICE EXPENSES I wanted to share another part of this case which the Joliet Patch revealed. I quote an extent of one of their articles.

In February, Joliet Patch broke another exclusive story in the Becky Kazecki murder case revealing that the Blackburn Funeral Home in Joliet had retained the Channahon Law Firm of Troy & Associates to sue Michael Kazecki for burial costs. Michael Kazecki, however, submitted a lengthy written response, notifying court officials that he would not be paying any money toward his wife's funeral costs, citing several state laws to bolster his position. "Rebecca Kazecki passed away on August 7th 2018," Michael Kazecki wrote the Will County court handling the civil lawsuit against him. "At the time of her death, Rebecca L. Kazecki did not have a will ... While in custody, the defendant had no contact with Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral Home and had no participation or input in the funeral services or arrangements for Rebecca L. Kazecki. "In the obituary ... the headstone at the grave site at Mount Emblem Cemetery reads: 'Rebecca L. Brackenrich: Beloved Mother, Sister and Daughter.' The deceased's married name was not listed on the headstone nor was there any mention of the deceased having been married at the time of her death to the defendant." In late May, court records show, the Blackburn Funeral Home lawsuit was dismissed. Documents in the case file informed the judge that the funeral service bills for Becky Kazecki were paid.

COURT INFORMATION As of August 2022, court continues with their delays almost 4 years after her murder.

No trial date has been set.

We will continue to update

OBITUARY Blackburn-Giegerich-Sonntag Funeral Home 1500 Black Road JolietIL 60435 Becky was a loving mother to her three boys, Roman, Jackson, and William. She is also survived by her sister, Amanda (Mark) Francis and her children, James and Sophia; sister, Sara (Ian) Hutchinson and her children, Everett and Greysen; brother, Graham (Camryn) Brackenrich and his children, Myles and Brayden; maternal grandmother, Joan (Kauffman) Travis; and several aunts, uncles and cousins. She was preceded in death by her parents, Myles and Linda (Travis) Brackenrich; maternal grandfather, Jack Travis; and her paternal grandparents, Myles and Audrey (Crum) Brackenrich. Becky was a loving, devoted and selfless mother before anything else. She touched the lives of countless children through her many years of teaching. She was a beloved sister, cherished aunt and friend to many. Becky's absence on earth will be deeply felt but her spirit will remain forever in our hearts. We find solace in Becky's peaceful resting place with her parents and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Domestic Violence. It doesn’t have to start like this. It doesn’t have to end like this. Please, if you or one of your loved ones are going thru this, contact those that can help. Almost every county has a shelter, organizations to assist, counselors to listen, experienced professionals that can help bring you and your children to safety.

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