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Olisa Williams, 9 months old, July 8, 1982, Ann Arbor Michigan

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

39 years after 9 month old Olisa Williams (born Aug. 10, 1981) disappeared July 8, 1982, someone has been charged with her murder.

Isiah Williams, married then to Olisa's mother (Denise Frazier-Daniel) is accused of taking Olisa from her mother during a physical altercation out of Ohio. She has never been located, and is believed that Isiah took her life. The family and many other have hope that she is still alive. Though they were married, Isiah was not her biological father. His stories were inconsistent and has been in contempt of court for failure to provide information. His claim is that a car crash he was involved in left him with no memory from the time frame of his connection to her disappearance.

Isiah is in Chicago fighting extradition to face his murder charges in Washtenaw County, Michigan.

The relationship between Denise & Isiah is reported to have been abuse immediately entering their marriage. With a long criminal background he spent time in and out of prison. April 1982 he found her once again. She answered the door, and in the presence of the baby he hit her in the face and grabbed the baby and took off. Once he was caught by police, he was arrested for assaulting her, but the child was missing. He said he had as much right to the child as her mother did.

While there is many additional stories and incidents in the duration of their relationship, and after Olisa's disappearance, several things remain clear. Isiah abducted the child and she was never seen again. His stories were always different.

It is unclear what took so long in his arrest or what transpired the change in charging him with her murder after 39 years. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children still have her case listed on their website. Her family remains hopeful not only to bring her home, but to have answers, and bring her home safely.

If you have any information on Olisa's disappearance or whereabouts, please call 911, or contact the Ann Arbor Police Department in Michigan at (734) 794-6911.

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