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Michael Shawn Neil, June 25, 2017, Grand Chain, Pulaski County, Illinois

Shawn was just a young man at this time of his life when he went camping by himself just miles away from his parents home where he lived. He was never seen again.

When the family realized something was wrong they went looking for him. All of his belongings were at the campsite. Everything but him.

Over a year later, a man with his adult son were kayaking about 15 miles downstream where Shawn was camping, when they noticed skeletal remains. They immediately contacted the police.

Thankfully the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office together with Shawn's family entered their DNA in the CODIS National Missing Persons Database which after months were confirmed to be that of Shawn's remains.

We chose to keep the documentary up because the family (and myself) believe that Shawn met with foul play, though through testing there was no evidence on the remains to confirm our thoughts.

Listening to Judy's screams in the documentary I made still stabs me in the gut, reminding me of the pain family's feel when their loved ones have disappeared. It keeps me moving to be with each of them to do whatever it takes to bring awareness and hopes of bringing them home.

If you have any information on Shawn's disappearance or death, please contact the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. Shawn's family and loved ones deserve answers.

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