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Mason Dominguez, 4, December 11, 2021, Las Vegas.

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

On February 22, 2022, a little girl came to class at her elementary school handing a note to her teacher that was written by her mother. The letter claimed that her mother was being held hostage by her boyfriend and had no idea where her younger son, the girl's sister, was. Mason Dominguez, age 4 was missing and no one had seen him since December 11, 2021. The note also claimed that the mother was not allowed to be in certain parts of the residence.

Police obtained a warrant for the property on the 4300 block of Saddle Brook Park Drive. They set up surveillance near the residence and found a woman and a man who live in the residence in a vehicle where they pulled them over. During questioning the woman reported that she had not seen her four-year-old son Mason Dominguez since December 11, 2011. Police entered the home where they found Mason's body deceased, 'stuffed into a trash bag and hidden under a false cardboard bottom' and 'multiple food items'. Surrounding the freezer were order-absorption bags, fans and an air-filtration unit.

The mother's boyfriend, Brandon Toseland, 35 of Las Vegas was arrested and charged with Mason's murder.

Toseland was charged on two kidnapping charges and has since been charged with murder.

The mother, who has not yet been publicly named, claimed that they were held in captivity to this residence for months and would not let them move freely or have contact with other family members.

According to the mother's attorney, she was never a suspect and has been cleared. The attorney went on to say that Mason's family has not created any online fundraisers or solicitation for donations. Other family members, however have used GoFundMe and have raised more than $15,000 to bury Mason next to his father, who was also murdered prior to this incident.

Toseland is being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bond (in Las Vegas NV).



Channel 8 CBS Las Vegas reported on August 16, 2022 that prosecutors are consider this to be a capital murder, seeking the death penalty. The cause of death to Mason confirmed that he was beaten to death and his body was in the freezer for about 10 weeks prior to being recovered.

The trial date in Las Vegas is set for December 5, 2022.

We will continue updates as we receive them.


Eli Dominguez was Mason's father. Brandon (the suspect) was reportedly a friend of Eli's and comforted the mother (Maldonado) after Eli's death. She moved in with him at his home after some time. According to the mother's attorney, Toseland took over the family, turning it in to a romantic relationship, and eventually the family was 'trapped'. He locked them in a room and separated her from her children (4 year old Mason and 7 year old Riley). The mother said that Mason became ill. Toseland took Mason into the master bedroom, 'barricated the door' and refused to let the mother see him. There were locks, window alarms, motion sensors and other security protection to prevent them from escaping. When the young daughter would be taken to school the mother would be in the car and handcuffed to the armrest.

Rest in Peace Mason

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