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Major Harris (3) & Mallery Muenzenberger (25), October 14, 2021, Milwaukee Wisconsin

October 16, 2021, three-year-old Major Harris was reported missing in Milwaukee Wisconsin. A statewide Amber Alert was activated after his mother, Mallery Muenzenberger (25), was found murdered at home on the 2600 block of North 37th and West Clark Streets about 6:00 am, and Major was nowhere to be found. Mallery's cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds. Mallery was found deceased October 14th, and it was not until October 16th that she was identified. At that point they realized Major Harris was missing.

Evidence at the scene suggested to law enforcement their person of interest was twenty-year-old Jaheem Clark for her murder. The two were acquaintances. When officers went to his residence on the 5400 block of Milwaukee's North 41st Street to check for Clark, Gunshots were fired inside the residence and Clark was found deceased of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police did not fire any shots.

Police recovered Mallery's vehicle that was listed on the Amber Alert, a black Chevy Equinox where they collected blood that was located inside the vehicle.

October 21, 2021 Major's lifeless little body was found near North 35th Street and West Rohr Avenue in Milwaukee. He was 'found in a container near some garbage cans. He was found after a witness was given full immunity to give information on the direct location.

Six arrests had been made in Mallery's death. Four of them were released. A twenty-one year-old and a twenty-nine=year-old man remained in custody but were not identified.

Court reports showed that Clark's mother received several text messages earlier that morning from a number she did not recognized, but believed they were sent by her son over an hour-and-a-half span.

At 2:38 am one text read "Don't let anybody in the house without paperwork I didn't do it Ma am I promise she was down here messing with some other dudes and they dropped her off where they picked her up at she came in and laid down and i guess she tried to leave."

Ten minutes later, another text read: "If anybody ask you, you never saw her never met her you don't gotta speak on my behalf and say I did or didn't do anything just know I'm telling you the truth."

It is believed that Major was shot at the same time his mother was.

Our hearts go out to Major's dad, Carlton Harris.

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