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Larry Leon McNelly, 59, 9/10/2019 Tamms, Alexander County, IL - missing, found murdered: unsolved.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Larry lived alone at his residence with about 60 acres of land at 30269 McDaniel School Road Tamms, IL. There was a fire reported at his house, later confirmed to be an arson. His truck was there but Larry was missing. The Illinois State Police took over the case immediate, and the media was alerted. In the meantime his family went searching for him. Larry was never seen alive again.

Larry's body was found September 15 but he was not immediately identified. His body was found in Tennessee in Lake County near Tiptonville, in the Mississippi River, tangled up in between two barges. His body was sent to the Memphis Medical Examiner. He was identified by his dentures.

The cause and manner of death have never been publicized. In fact, the family doesn't even know what happened to him. Without a choice, Larry was cremated and an urn with his cremated remains were sent to his family.

I contact the Medical Examiner, Jim Naifeh's Office in Memphis and was told we would have to wait 3 to 6 months for the results. Seeing we are past that time, and the family has no answers, we are now sending a FOIA request to the Coroner's Office and a FOIA for the investigation file with the Illinois State Police.

If you have any information on Larry's disappearance or murder, please contact the Illinois State Police.

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