Kianna Galvin, 17 May 6, 2016 South Elgin, Kane County, Illinois

Updated: May 6, 2020

17 year old Kianna Galvin was last seen leaving her residence in South Elgin, Illinois. An adult man living just four houses away lured her in to his residence and she has never been seen or heard from again. There has been no charges made and Kianna is still missing.

There was no amber alert as the requirements to activate the alert was not met. There was no proof of abduction.

The Elgin Police Department continue to investigate Kianna's disappearance and hopes that someone with information comes forward to speak to them. You have no idea how your silence hurts Kianna's family.

Kianna's family and friends are great supporters of our organization. They care not only about the emptiness in their hearts, but of those other families that share the same heavy heart.

Please watch the video and share.

And for those of you that know where Kianna is, do the right thing and call the police.

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