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Kaden Ingram, 12, September 11, 2021, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Kaden Ingram was shot and killed inside of his home on the Chicago's South Side near the 8000 block of South Bennett Avenue on Saturday, September 11, 2021. Police said the shooter was his own mom. Fallon Harris is now charged with murder.

Kaden's mother removed a digital memory card from her vehicle the night before the murder, and confronted him about 10:15 AM Saturday morning.

Police reported that the mother, Fallon Harris asked Kaden to give her the memory card, and when he sad he didn't have it, she shot him in the head. Still conscious, his mother walked back again and opened fire a second time, killing Kaden.

It is not yet known if the gun was recovered.

The audio evidence recovered from the home’s security system revealed that the first gunshot left the 12-year-old boy ‘conscious and crying.’

Fallon Harris was charged with his murder the next day, September 12, 2021

While this is clear murder, some want to claim that she had mental health issues and was at a counseling appointment the night prior. There is no excuse for murder, nonetheless your own child.

Regardless, she had her conceal and carry and owned two guns.

Fallon is currently in custody and being evaluated for mental health.

City records show Harris being employed by the Chicago Department of Transportation at the rate of $45.90 an hour according to FOX32.

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