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John Doe Chicago 010OCT03

A white male estimated at 6'6 height body was found October 1, 2003 in Chicago.

His age is estimated to be between 28-48

His death was estimated to be between 2002 - 2003.


The skeletal remains of an unknown male subject were recovered from under Navy Pier, at a location where cruise ships are docked. The remains are observed laid out on a rocky shoal or rip rap, which extends approximately five feet above the water level of Lake Michigan. This riprap surrounds the entire perimeter of the base of Navy Pier, where the pier foundation meets the waterline of Lake Michigan, and protrudes outward into the water approximately twenty feet before it submerges below the water line. The remains are observed prone on its back, with feet pointed in a southwest direction and the upper torso pointed in a northeast direction. It is clad in a heavy dark colored zippered sweatshirt, black, possibly denim pants, which were worn over red sweat pants. Tan colored work boots are observed with dark brown laces. The shoes and clothing appear to be in relatively good condition. A paging device is observed clipped to the left side of the pants on the waistband. There is a skull, which has become disarticulated from the torso of the remains and it is observed face down, near the shoulders. The lower jaw containing teeth has become unhinged from the skull, which also contains teeth. It appears to be completely skeletonized. The middle torso area of the remains is exposed and the rib cage is visible, as is the spinal column. Very little soft tissue is observed or present, and no internal organs are observed. All parts have been recovered. The remains are unrecognizable.


Maroon & Black colored sweater. Haines brand heavyweight red t-shirt with "Enjoy Coco-Cola," printed on it. A Cooray brand sportwear black colored cap with the word, COUNTY," printed on it. A black canvas jacket, black pants, ProsSpirit brand red color. A Motorola brand "Bravo," pager on waistband of pants.

If you have any information please contact the Cook County Medical Examiner (312) 997-4500.

If you have a family relative missing, please contact your local Coroner's office for information on how to get your database entered in to the National Database for the missing and unidentified.

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