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Jessica Ridgeway, 10, October 5, 2012, Westminster, Colorado

Jessica Ridgeway, just 10 years old was walking to school when she was abducted in Westminster, Colorado. Searches for her continued for five days with more than one-thousand law enforcement, search and rescue, community members and family.

An Amber Alert was issued that night.

October 7, Jessica's backpack was found, Inside the backpack was Jessica's underwear, water bottle, clothes and boots. The DNA found on Jessica's underwear matched an attack that occurred the attacker in a different incident.

Back in May 2012, a 22-year-old female who was jogging at Kener Lake at the time, He used homemade chloroform on her, but thankfully she was able to get away and escape. The DNA in both incidents matched, linking the killer to both cases.

October 10, Jessica was found deceased in Arvada Field. Dismembered.

October 23, 2012, The mother of teenager called 911 after her son told her that he killed Jessica. Police went to their residence. Additional remains were later located in the residence of the Sigg family, where 17 year old August Sigg lived at the time with his mother.

Through their investigation, law enforcement and prosecutors believed that he kept Jessica in his bedroom after he abducted her. Sigg's first attempt was to strangle Jessica with zip ties but they 'didn't have enough leverage' and later strangled her with his hands. He noticed that her body was still twitching with signs of life, filled a bathtub with hot water and pushed her face down into it. Police say he 'carefully, methodically dismembered her'. He was sexually aroused when he dismembered her body, possibly attempting to fulfill a sexually fantasy before killing Jessica, by cutting her hair and forcing her to change into his clothes.

Parts of Jessica's body were found in the crawl space of their home.

August Sigg, who was 17 years old at the time of Jessica's murder was charged with first=degree murder, sexual assault of a child, and kidnapping.

Because he was only 17 years old at the time of the murder, he escaped the death sentence.

August received a life sentence and will never be let out of prison.

Information acquired thru:


ABC News

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