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Jennifer Marie Brinkman, 19, March 20, 1998, Marysville, Washington

March 21, 1998 was the date that Jennifer Brinkman, 19, was found deceased in her bedroom by her own father. He had just returned from a trip with his girlfriend to California. Jennifer was killed with the use of an axe to her neck, which was found at the crime scene. Marysville, Washington Police Department has continued their investigation all these years without giving up.

It is believed Jennifer was murdered the day before.

DNA was found on the weapon, but outdated technology did not provide a match. In 2020, the DNA was tested again with new DNA technology, and genetic genealogy, which resulted in a match. Jeffrey Paul Premo, 52 was charged with First Degree Homicide on November 28, 2022.

Prosecutors believe that Jennifer met her killer on a phone chat line, after finding a letter written by Jeffrey to Jennifer before she was murdered.

In the initial interview, Jeffrey denied knowing Jennifer.

Jennifer's father passed away in 2013.

We are grateful to know that technology continues to grow for these cases, as these families need answers, and just some form of peace. We pray for her family, and hope this gives them the peace they need.

Information accumulated by:

NY Post


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